Top 12 Activities in Casablanca

Casablanca is the economic center and biggest city of Morocco, located in the central-western portion of the country along the Atlantic Ocean. Invaded by Portuguese, Spanish, British, and French colonialists, the city has been a magnet for its population, particularly for the establishment of a naval post on the Europe-Asia maritime commerce route. Casablanca, a symbol of trade in Africa, has also been featured in several acclaimed Hollywood films. Casablanca, with its rich colonial history, culture, architecture, religious sites, and preeminent metropolitan status, will offer its guests a variety of amusements for a trip to remember! .

Hassan II Mosque

The Hassan II Mosque is the biggest in Africa and the fifth largest in the world. It is the most popular tourist destination in Casablanca. Its 60-story minaret is the second tallest in the world and is topped with a laser light aimed towards Mecca. On a peninsula situated partially on land and partly on water, the mosque may be found. With carved marbles, retractable roofs, and a titanium-bronze façade, the mosque stands out as a contemporary architectural marvel with a capacity for accommodating 105,000 worshipers! Morocco tours 8 days

Place Mohammed V Square Mohamed V Square, located in the centre of Casablanca, was named after the city’s legendary ruler. It is a tourist stop because to its position in the proximity of aesthetic structures, which allows room for taking a few Panoramic photographs. The plaza is a location to rest and take in the cityscape, as it is adorned with lovely fountains (which are especially attractive at night due to wonderful lighting) and is a great site to see the metropolis.

Cathedral du Sacre Coeur or the Church of the Sacred Heart is the famed Roman-Catholic cathedral of Casablanca and a testament to the city’s Missionary rule. Despite the fact that the church’s religious functions terminated with the independence of Morocco, it remains a tourist attraction as a cultural center and because of its superlative Neo-Gothic architecture. There are also several celebrity performances and light and sound displays held here. Tour del Marocco

Dar Al-Makhzen

Dar al-Makhzen, also known as the El Mechouar Essaid Palace, is renowned as the official house of the monarch of Morocco (the venue of happiness palace). From the early nineteenth century, this has been the royal seat and court of the monarchs. It has seen the birth, ascension, and fall of monarchs and royal weddings. The palace is a tourist attraction due to its splendor. In addition to housing a mosque for the royal family, Dar al-Makhzen is surrounded by a parade field.

Parc De La League Arabe

The Arab League Park or Parc de la Ligue Arabe is located to the east of the Sacré-Coeur Cathedral and next to the Place Mohammed V. The park has gravel pathways bordered with palm trees, different fruit trees, fountains, mosaic-lined water channels, rose beds, and grassy areas. The park is free to enter. It is well-known as the city’s green lung, providing a break from the urban bustle of Casablanca. There are also cottages for rest and relaxation.

 Villa Des Arts

Casablanca’s Villa des Arts, a renowned tourist site, is situated on the tranquil Boulevard Brahim Roudani. Famous contemporary artworks, antiquities, and sculptures are housed inside this modern French-style structure. Although though the gallery is modest, it is notable since it is the only international-caliber art gallery in Casablanca. The entrance is free, and there is a tranquil grass for a leisurely stroll. There are adjacent cafés for the guests’ refreshment. Viajes a Marrakech

Twin Center of Casablanca

The twin-center of Casablanca will remind you of New York’s renowned twin towers! The distinctive buildings, designed by a renowned Spanish architect, are situated in the center of the city at the intersection of Zerktouni Boulevard and Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra. They are the entryway to the affluent urban residential complexes of Casablanca. Both skyscrapers include 28 stories. The tower A (west) has a commercial mall and various business levels, whilst the tower B (east) contains the Royal suites and the renowned five-star Kenzi tower hotel in Casablanca. This hotel is included in our list of the top Casablanca hotels.

Synagogue Beth-El

Temple Beth-El is located on Rue Jaber Ben Hayane, quite near to the Hasan Mosque, and is a majestuous testament to Casablanca’s rich legacy and cultural fusions. By wandering the tranquil synagogue, a visitor may uncover the spirit of the colorful Jewish culture (temple dedicated to Judaism). In addition to its magnificent medieval Middle Eastern antiques and intricately decorated window panes, the Temple is a popular tourist destination.

 Museum Of Moroccan Judaism

The Moroccan Jewish Museum, also known as the Museum of Moroccan Jewry or El Mellah Museum, was founded in the late 1990s under the reign of King Hassan II of Casablanca. Professor Simon Levy, a renowned historian and colonial activist, created the museum and sought to preserve Jewish culture in Morocco. At the museum, visitors will encounter exceptional treasures of Moroccan Judaism, such as the bimah from the Beni-Issakhar Synagogue in Casablanca, mezuzahs, and Hanukkah menorahs. In addition, there is an extensive collection of Berber artifacts, including clothing, jewelry, and Fatima pendants. Saul Cohen’s recreated jewelry store, which was constructed using his workbench and equipment, is another major attraction. The most important addition to the museum, however, is the preamble of Morocco’s amended constitution from 2011, which describes the country’s ethnic and religious diversity.

Central Trade

The Central Market or Marche central is situated on the Mohammed V Avenue in the centre of Casablanca. On a city tour, this location is definitely a must-see in order to enjoy an unforgettable experience at an authentic Moroccan market. There are fresh fruits, veggies, and other items available here. Guests have the option of partaking in a gourmet dinner comprised of genuine regional food. While the market is inexpensive, encountering Arabic and local accents will be an intriguing (fun and challenging) challenge!

 Old Medina Of Casablanca

The Old Medina of Casablanca is the historic square of the city. The plaza and the old market are linked by tiny lanes guarded by ancient and historical structures. It will definitely transport visitors to the ancient era of traditional Arabian legends. The market is known for its inexpensive leather items. Businesses offer both exquisitely created home décor and different items of tourist appeal. The plaza is also home to a number of inexpensive yet highly acclaimed cafes that provide delicious regional specialties.

Corniche Casablanca

The esplanade of Casablanca, often known as the Corniche, is a lengthy, urbanized, and well-kept promenade and carriageway along the Atlantic Ocean. A tourist may take a leisurely stroll along the Corniche, with a view of the pulsating beaches lapped by the ocean waves, and appreciate a magnificent sunset. In addition, the Corniche’s pools are an intriguing feature. The Boulevard is lined with restaurants, cafés, and amusement places for every price and taste!

Just So You Know: • The name Casablanca, which means “White House,” was given by Portuguese colonists; • The Port is one of the biggest artificial ports in the world and is renowned as the “breadbasket” of Morocco.

• Casablanca is the headquarters of the Royal Moroccan Navy; • the only natural attraction of the city is the Bouskoura forest, and the Bouskoura creek is the only natural watercourse; • the Royal Moroccan Navy is headquartered in Casablanca; • the only natural watercourse in the city is the Bouskoura creek;

Casablanca has a Mediterranean climate with scorching summers. Summer temperatures are about 40 C (104 F), while winter temperatures decrease to a comfortable 20-25 C (50-55 F). Average annual precipitation is 412 mm. The cold Canary current nonetheless moderates the city’s temperature throughout the year.

• Every July, the Casa Festival is held, a major event produced by the Espace Toro cultural center that features musical and dance performances, stand-up competitions, and theatrical productions by local and worldwide artists and entertainers!

• Jazzablanca is another well-attended event in Casablanca that draws both local and foreign visitors. This April event at the L’Hippodrome Casa-Anfa is devoted to jazz and comparable musical genres.

Grab a Bite: • NKOA, situated in Gauthier, is one of the highest-rated restaurants renowned for its ambience and superb family dining experiences with traditional local cuisines in addition to European and Arabian cuisines. • Due to its traditional interior design and genuine Moroccan atmosphere, Le cuisto traditional is a highly regarded restaurant. There is Mediterranean, European, and Moroccan cuisine served.

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