Top 5 Anime Shows to watch on HBO, Hulu & Netflix Right Now

It’s easy to see why anime has grown in popularity in recent years. The distinctive graphic style, intriguing stories, and diverse characters have attracted audiences all around the world. With so many anime series accessible on multiple streaming sites, choosing what to watch can be difficult. This blog post will look at the top 5 anime shows available on HBO, Hulu, and Netflix right now.

Attack on Titan (Netflix)

Attack on Titan is a dark fantasy anime set in a world where humanity lives behind fortified walls to protect itself from huge humanoid beings known as Titans. Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert join the military to battle the Titans when they breach the wall and murder Eren’s mother.

The series is well-known for its violent action sequences, fascinating characters, and thought-provoking ideas. Attack on Titan delves into issues like freedom, the cycle of violence, and the aftereffects of conflict. Attack on Titan is a must-see for any anime fan, thanks to its riveting plot and amazing graphics.

My Hero Academia (Hulu)

My Hero Academia is a superhero anime set in a world where people with superpowers are known as oddities. The plot revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without a quirk who aspires to be a hero. Izuku enrols in a prominent hero academy after being scouted by the world’s greatest hero, All Might, to train and become a hero himself.

My Hero Academia is a character-driven anime that delves into topics like heroism, friendship, and endurance. The show’s cast is eclectic, with each character having their own peculiarities and personalities. It’s simple to see why My Hero Academia has swiftly become one of the most popular anime shows especially for the fans who want to watch Hulu in New Zealand in recent years.

Demon Slayer (Netflix)

Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who becomes a demon slayer when his family is attacked and his sister, Nezuko, is changed into a demon, stars in Demon Slayer, a supernatural action anime. Tanjiro embarks on a trip to find a cure for his sister, encountering terrible demons along the way.

Demon Slayer is well-known for its beautiful animation, distinctive characters, and emotional tale. The show delves on subjects like family, loss, and the power of love. Any anime fan who appreciates action-packed, emotionally charged storylines should watch Demon Slayer.

Tokyo Revengers – HBO Max

Tokyo Revengers is a relatively new anime series that has captured the attention of the anime community. Takemichi Hanagaki, a struggling freelancer, learns that his ex-girlfriend and her brother have been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi sets out to save his ex-girlfriend and change the future with the use of a mysterious force that transports him back in time. This series is most popularly loved by the fans who want to watch HBO Max in UK . The series is a must-see for anime aficionados because of its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and exciting action scenes.

Death Note (Netflix)

Death Note is a psychological thriller anime that follows Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill anyone who writes their name in it. Light vows to use the notepad to cleanse the world of criminals and establish himself as the “god of the new world.” However, a brilliant investigator known as “L” is on his tail.

Death Note is well-known for its intriguing characters, mind-boggling plot twists, and moral inquiry. The show delves on issues like justice, power, and the consequences of one’s actions. Anyone who appreciates dark, thought-provoking stories should watch Death Note.


Finally, HBO, Hulu, and Netflix provide a wide range of anime shows for viewers to watch. There is something for everyone, from classics like Naruto to recent successes like Tokyo Revengers. Whether you’ve been an anime fan for a long time or are new to the genre, these five series are a terrific place to start exploring the enormous world of anime. So grab some popcorn and prepare for some high-octane action, drama, and adventure.

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