Top 5 appointment scheduling tools for small businesses

Good scheduling is one of the secrets of successful companies. On the other hand, poor scheduling is one of the classic reasons why many businesses collapse after a few years of existence. With good scheduling you can ensure your company’s workflow goes according to plan. You can also make sure your clients don’t wait too long.

Traditional appointment scheduling has many drawbacks. We are all human and it is normal for humans to make mistakes. But in the case of a business agreement, sometimes one mistake can be fatal. One mistake may damage your reputation and that of your company, causing clients to no longer want to continue working with you. To minimize errors in scheduling an appointment, the use of an appointment scheduling tool is highly recommended. And nothing is more convenient than an online appointment scheduling tool.

Various online appointment scheduling tools have been available in the market and they are all made to facilitate multiple companies to manage daily activities and make sure everything is according to pre-defined plans. There are many business features provided and each tool offers quite different features from one another. There are also various reviews about each of them and in this opportunity we will review five of them. Here are five online appointment scheduling tools that we consider the best. If you are curious then keep reading!

For us, this service is the best. You can do so many things easily. For example, scheduling meetings with free browser-based videoconferencing, controlling client appointments as well as managing them, personal bookings, and much more. Don’t worry, this service accommodates seamless payment processing. You can get this tool by visiting

HubSpot Sales

It is a popular online appointment scheduling tool. There are many features on offer such as sales analytics, sales engagement tools, configuration-price-quote (CPQ) functionality, and so on. With this tool, it is less likely that you will miss your important appointments again. You can also make accommodative promises, both to your company and to your valuable clients.


If you want to schedule a series of meetings in a professional manner then this tool should be on the list. With Calendly, you’ll be able to avoid confusion regarding scheduling appointments via email. This tool is already used by at least 50 thousand companies and 10 million people worldwide.

Acuity Scheduling

This tool can serve as a kind of personal assistant that can help you book appointments with your clients. This tool also works both ways which means your clients can see your real-time availability and choose a meeting scheduling app that they can fulfill. That way you can get rid of the long-winded confirmation flow.


It is one of the leaders in the online appointment scheduling tool industry. There are more features on offer than similar tools, such as scheduling one-to-one meetings, team meetings, calendar-based solutions, and much more. This tool has an average monthly user of up to 30 million people.

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