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Top 5 Best Survival Shows on DStv

Whether you’re looking for a way to escape from the city or just want to see what it’s like to be alone in the wilderness, there are plenty of great survival shows on DStv. This list includes shows like Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Survival and You vs. Wild, as well as Discovery’s new series, Win the Wilderness. However, if you are accessing DStv in USA, UK or anywhere outside South Africa you will need a VPN.

Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Survival

ULTIMATE SURVIVAL on DStv is returning for a fifth season! The adventurer Bear Grylls is back with new episodes. He is a British adventurer, writer and television presenter. His popular show demonstrates survival skills in some of the world’s most extreme environments.

As part of a new series, Bear takes his celebrity friends into the wild and tests them on their survival skills. These guests include Marvel superhero Simu Liu, comedian Rob Riggle, actress Florence Pugh, actress Natalie Portman and actor Anthony Anderson.

Each episode takes seven to 10 days to film. The crew will spend a week of reconnaissance before putting the stars into the wild. It is then up to the directors to oversee the final edit.

The series features a range of extreme survival challenges, including disemboweling a dead camel, fighting out of crevasses in Patagonia and using indigenous survival techniques.

Naked and Afraid

DStv fans are no strangers to the Discovery Channel. The channel has a variety of programs to choose from. It is best known for its factual programming and its award winning series such as Naked and Afraid. The reality series follows two strangers in a wild and dangerous location where they are forced to work together to survive. Among other things, the contestants must find a source of water and shelter.

Aside from the show’s premise, the most interesting element of the show is the cast. The plethora of characters involved, combined with their diverse ages, sex and backgrounds, adds an air of intrigue and a certain amount of suspense. The cast is also no stranger to the rigors of filming a reality show.

You vs Wild

DStv Nigeria launched its own version of the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned on April 1 and now offers you a choice between the two. The channel boasts an impressive roster of local and international talent including a plethora of stars from Africa, Asia and the aforementioned Middle East and South America. The channel boasts an enviable line up of LIVE safari shows from Greater Kruger to the Kalahari and the aforementioned Maasai Mara. On top of its impressive lineup of local talent, DStv also offers the latest and greatest in entertainment technology via its on-demand movie and game catalogue. From DStv, you’ll also be able to watch your favourite Hollywood celebrities in their element in the comfort of your home or office. The best part is that DStv’s premium movie and game catalogue includes all of the above plus some of the best local cinema, music and games to boot.

2020’s Win the Wilderness

WIN THE WILDERNESS is a British reality show where six couples compete to win a deed to a remote homestead in Alaska. The show combines the best of both survival and off-grid home shows. The couples work together to keep everyone safe.

Each episode features a series of wild challenges that challenge the couples to apply their survival skills. In episode two, the couples are divided into two teams. One team includes all women, while the other is made up of all men. In each team, the couple with the best leadership skills wins the challenge. Each group also builds fires to keep warm for one member of each couple. The challenge is meant to test the couples’ ability to stave off hypothermia.

Discovery Channel’s Best Of Season

During the Discovery Channel’s Best Of Season, viewers can watch weeklong programming highlights of the network’s most popular shows. These include shows such as Mythbusters, American Chopper, Miami Ink, Deadliest Catch and more. In addition to displaying popular series, the channel also displays contemporary content.

The Discovery Channel has been airing reality TV shows for years. While some of the shows are extremely over the top, others are highly original and put viewers’ problems into perspective. Some of these shows have become staples of the Discovery Channel’s programming schedule.

MythBusters is a Discovery Channel classic. It was one of the first shows to combine science and entertainment. Hosted by Jamie Hyneman, it challenged urban myths, tested crazy stunts in movies, and debunked wild experiments.

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