Top 5 Companies to Hire Professional Security Guards

Maintaining an sense of security is crucial. Irrespective of the type, size, location of a business or residential area proper security measures must be in place According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, they crime rate has increased by 3% from 2020 to 2021, indicating a rise in criminal activities. In addition to they local security services, private security agencies are required to meet the security needs They experts recommend as they have well-trained and active security guards who are capable of handling any situation with expertise

Top-Rated Companies of Professional Security Guards

They need for security guards is rising due to the increase in crime rates. Security providers often make claims about being they best service providers, which makes it important to conduct thorough research and investigation before hiring any security provider You can assess the professionalism and training level of the licensed security providers to make an informed decision. This will help you get an authentic review of the security company. Below is the list of some top security providers that can be considered for higher safety measures.


Perthsecurityguards is considered as the top leading company in Australia. They understand the requirements of security. Be it clear that they have the best, trained and unmatched security guards. From providing comprehensive security solutions to end results, their services are k9 security, crowd control, mobile security guards, security alarm response, static guards, private party security, and traffic security. These services make them prominent in the security industry. Anyone can easily hire professional security guards in Perth for top-tier safety levels in the required area.

Certis Security Australia

Certis Security Australia is one of the most competent and professional security providing agencies. Their guards are trained to maintain any situation. They know how to use technology to maintain security in society. Certis Security Australia have well-trained guards with innovative technical tools. Their services are residential area security, mobile security, and static guards. You can hire their highly experienced and proficient guards to meet the security requirements.

MA Services Group

MA Services Group is another security provider for local events and other premises. They understand the requirement of the security at the local gathering. Their services include static guards and patrolling guards. They only provide the services for events. MA expert is capable of making visitor plans and crowd management plans which make them reliable in their category. The success rate of the MA service group is satisfactory.


Australian Security and Protection Pty Ltd, they are concerned with providing security to assets and properties. They prioritize their service towards asset protection. ASAP guards are trained to secure clients at any cost. Their services include risk assessment, security management plans, and security design. For monitoring, they use a body camera on the guards and GPS to track the location.

Ultimate Security

Ultimate security providers work for the security of residential buildings and corporations. They believe in technology and innovation. They classify guards according to screening and experience level. Ultimate security providers have two core services, one is corporation security and the other is residential area security. To manage these security protocols they rely on high-definition CCTVs.

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Security is a fundamental need for every individual. Regardless of the area, it is essential to hire a security guard who can protect your employees, visitors, and important premises. With the increasing rate of crime, the importance of proficient security guards has also increased. Many security providers claim to be the best in dealing with every situation. However, it is crucial to go through a record and gather reviews from previous clients before hiring them.


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