Top 5 Essential Smartphone Features You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Many smartphones are launching in any of the months with so many amazing features. Innovations in the smartphone industry have made a lot of changes and made the lives of users a bit easier. Nowadays, Android phones have a lot of features to make life a bit easier. You can do a lot of tasks with the help of your smartphone. This is a type of competition that is going on between different companies as they are doing their best with the changes in the upcoming smartphones. As we all know, innovation leads to the production of the best things here. Mobile technology has made some amazing developments. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

8K video recording 

This type of recording is mostly used by film producers and video creators. Obviously, you will get some more pixels, which will make some amazing videos at greater quality, which is amazing. This 9K video quality is about 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is huge and better than 4K quality. This is just an amazing thing they have done, which is quite attractive. This feature is just killing it and makes all the videos even more attractive. Since 8K contains a great deal more pixels than 4K, video may be greatly reduced in size without losing the resolution required for 4K output. As a result, you have far more creative freedom when it comes to framing your photographs because you can alter the composition and stabilize videos after they have been taken.

Higher Resolution

You might have noticed many changes in the camera quality of mobile phones from your early childhood to this time. Mobile technology has done an amazing job so far. They keep on experimenting with things so that they can make a lot of changes. With the increase in the number of pixels, you can expect an increase in the resolution of the camera, which will give good-quality pictures. With some more pixels, you can easily crop the photos and zoom in on them a lot, and there will be no problem with the clarity of the image. As we all know, there is no value to the 200 mp or the 108 mp of the camera; it is the resolution that creates the difference.

The extraordinary refresh rate

There may be some people who really don’t know about the refresh rate on mobile phones. Whenever we try to use the phone, we open any app. The way and speed at which the app opens and closes define the refresh rate of any mobile phone. Everyone has, for sure, seen some of the changes in mobile phones in so many years. As the companies are always working on it to make the performance of the mobile phone better and more smooth for the users. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the phone’s quill work. Till now, you can see almost 240 Hz of the refresh rate on the smartphone, which is just amazing. On flagship phones, you can see more fresh rates, and the smoother the phone will be. Most people who play a lot of games on their smartphones need higher refresh rates.


You can access and move between apps more quickly and lag-free on a smartphone with more RAM. Without RAM, switching to a new app causes the previous one to close, which causes delays and slows down your phone. All the data for the operating system and the apps is stored in RAM only. The ability to store more data and access it quickly allows apps to run faster and more efficiently. The random access memory is very important for the phone so as to handle all the workings of the apps and the phone’s system. It is a kind of super-fast storage that keeps all the things in place. It always helps the phone run fast and smoothly.

Wireless Charging

The tech team of each company always strives to give the best features to their customers so that they will be satisfied with them. This is a feature that is being added to many mobile phones nowadays to help make people’s lives easier. Although this is again a new feature, it still needs some time to be perfect and run more smoothly. With the help of wireless charging, no wire can be tangled in the bag or in any of the other places. You can easily put the charger and the phone in one place and leave them until they are fully charged. When this feature comes to many mobile phones, many people will learn to have patience in their lives. As there are many people who use their phones when they are still charging with wired chargers. This is not at all a good habit, so they will learn a lot with the help of wireless charging.
You can find many more of the best features of the mobile phone, which might have made our lives a lot easier than earlier. If you are planning to buy one that is your favorite and don’t want to pay all at once, then visit Tesco Mobile. Here you can find many more options to buy your beloved smartphone.

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