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Top 5 Expert Tips for Settling Divorce Outside of Court in North Carolina

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Divorce is a stressful and painful process that no one should ever go through. Unfortunately, things happen, love ends, and the only option remaining is to divorce. Divorce has advantages and disadvantages, and the long court battle can take a toll on the family’s finances and well-being. In that cases, some people choose to settle a divorce outside of court.

Working on aspects like child custody, marital property issues, and alimony in court takes processes and even years. It also causes trauma and disruption to children. Therefore, an out-of-court settlement may be the best option. However, both parties must work peacefully to ensure a fair settlement. Part of settling the matter outside of court is creating a marital settlement agreement with the help of a professional to avoid conflicts. The following are expert tips on resolving divorce without involving the court.

Communicate with Your Spouse

Proper communication with your spouse is the secret to settling a divorce without the court. Things will be easy if the decision is amicable, but this is not always the case. You need to maintain a neutral ground and composure in every discussion. Always be honest with each other, and don’t hide your concerns. An honest discussion on property division, child support, alimony, and child custody will give you a good ground on the things you can agree or disagree on. If you disagree on something, don’t let your emotions take control. Express your side maturely and soberly, and give things time. It is also advisable to take your time before signing any agreement.

Hire a Divorce Attorney

There is nothing with finding a lawyer to be the middleman. You may disagree on some things, and a lawyer can help ensure everyone gets a fair settlement. The professional will guide you through the process and advise you on possible penalties, property value, and filing paperwork. So, get a lawyer for legal advice.

Gather Financial Information

You must be honest about your finances to reach an agreement. Consider factors like child support, maintenance and property division. Remember, the court is not involved in forcing you to disclose your properties. Settling the matter outside court is based on trust.

Create a Co-parenting Plan

If there are children involved, you must devise a plan for how you will look after them. This is where most people disagree, but in the end, you need to develop a co-parenting plan. Decide if you are ready to co-parent and how you will manage the duties. Create schedules of visitations and how each of you will support the kids. Your lawyer can help you calculate child support.

Find a Mediator

While settling a divorce outside of court is good, partners may not agree on everything. Therefore, you may need an intermediary to help you reach an agreement. The lawyer can act as the mediator who will serve you on a neutral ground. The professional will help with honest negotiations and resolve any disputes that may escalate the issues.


You should do these simple things when settling a divorce outside of court. If both of you can agree on different things, whether alone and with the help of a lawyer, the better and less expensive it will be for you.

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