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Top 5 Games for PC in 2022

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PC games are one of the largest parts of the gaming world. Most people assume that PC games are old-fashioned or did not get modified for a long time. But this is not true, as new PC games are consistently being developed and introduced to the users. 

These games not only provide you with excitement, and a fun time. Along with that, it offers healthy brain stimulation, stress relief, and the development of problem-solving skills.  

As there are a lot of game development companies developing new PC games, even free ones – we recommend trying Drift Hunters 2, but it is important to choose which ones are the best for you to play. This article will introduce you to the top 5 PC games in 2022. So that you can further explore and play them. 

Best 5 PC Games in 2022 

Playing games on a Pc is the best gaming experience that a person can have rather than playing them on a smartphone or other devices. Mostly, people think that PC games are out of date and no new games are being introduced on the platform. 

But it is just a misconception as new PC games are pouring onto steam at a visible rate. That a gamer or PC user can’t keep up with them. So, for making your work easy, we have picked out the top 5 games for PC in 2022:  

The Witcher 3: wild hunt  

The Witcher game is just like a fine wine, even after several years of processing. It is still one of the best and most played open world games that existed in the history of gaming. It is a jam-packed game, as it incorporates the grand theft auto V’s incredible depth with Skyrim’s unapologetic hype.  

The Witcher 3 is staggering; beautifully composed and executed with remarkable features. It is an absolute time sink but in a good way for sure. Due to its immense popularity and high quality, it truly deserves to be on the list of best PC games in 2022.  

Elden ring  

Elden ring is one of the hyped-up pc games nowadays and there is a good reason for that. The Fromsoftwares with their latest punishment stimulator has all the similar touchstones of a souls-like.

 But with the exploration of an open world with a marvelous story crafted by the author of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin. So, you know that the story is going to be exceptional and it is not going to pull any punches.  

It is unquestionably one of the best Pc games that have ever come out. It has great graphics and gaming strategies that keep the gamer intact every single time they play the game.  

Tiny Tina’s wonderlands  

The new tiny tina’s wonderlands of pc game is a spin-off of the 2012 borderlands addition 2. The borderland was the first addition that introduced the classic character of tiny Tina and a successor to the borderlands DLC tiny tina’s assault on the keep of dragons.  

The tiny Tina’s wonderlands have become very popular in a short span. Because the game is still intact the original humor from the borderlands series also effortlessly mixed the dungeons and dragons elements. This D&D element really makes the fans appreciate this version. The game can be played by single or multiple players to stop the dragon lord. 

The game contains six different character classes along with a new feature to mix and match class skills for their characters. If you want to have the best actions and role-playing pc game, then tiny Tina’s is your way to go. As it has a whimsical and outlandish gaming environment with epic graphics.  

Galactic civilization 4  

The fourth edition of the galactic civilization series brings various modern ideas and advanced- thinking designs to a complex and deep strategic game. The game still has some old touch with the 18 civilizations and a few fan favorites. But with plenty of new faces and characteristics to guide them to prosperity as they explore, exploit, expand, and exterminate through the galaxy.  

The galaxy map is now divided into sectors and changing the galactic achievements feeds into prestige win so that you can achieve ultimate victory without any usual endgame.

 This space game is one of the best ones, with effortless and sharp graphics along with limitless room for adventure. Galactic civilization will definitely be one of your favorite PC games once you start playing it.  

Dying light 2  

Dying light 2 is an exciting and leg-kicking PC game in 2022. It is an open-world zombie game that may sound cliche but the series has managed to keep things fresh with the day-night cycle and its parkour game style. The zombies of the game go from slow, and lethargic to the extremely aggressive and harsh stage that excites the player.  

In the new sequel of the game, you get to explore a map that is four times larger than in the original game. The game adds a new feature of making decisions that prominently change the in-game world. 

The exciting element about the map is that you can even open up certain sections of the map depending on what you decide. More than three players can play the game at one time.  

In a Nutshell 

PC games are one of the best mediums for entertainment and to create a connection with various people. The gaming market is filled with PC games both classic ones and new ones. Sometimes the user may get confused about choosing a game from such a huge variety.  

To help the user or gamer, we have provided a list that contains the top 5 PC games in 2022 with their key features and highlights. This list will definitely make your work much easier in finding the best game. So, you can spend more time playing the game rather than wasting it all in searching for one.

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