TOP 5 rarest CSGO cases

With the release of a new case, players start “hunting” them to be the first to receive valuable items. But not every CS:GO case is easy to get hold of.

To get a rare case or a limited edition, you need to make some effort — for example, invest some money and buy a case or try to win it using one of the popular case opening sites. If the latter option suits you best, remember that you should choose only trusted sites, such as, for example,, which offers exclusive expensive skins at a reasonable price, a reliable algorithm and win guarantees.

Arms Deal

There are only 9 skins in the collection, but most of them are in great demand in the secondary market, and players are lining up to get the best weapon cases. The availability of StatTrak for all nominees (with no exception!) is a unique feature of this collection.

Here you can find such cool skins as AWP Lightning Strike (calm purple color of the body and detailed lightning that crosses the rifle from bipod to stock) and AK-47 Case Hardened (let’s be honest: this Kalashnikov rifle is beautiful without a doubt, especially the Blue Top variation)!

Also, there are such rare skins as Desert Eagle Hypnotic and Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo.

Huntsman Weapon Case

This case appeared back in 2014, and today it’s quite difficult to get this drop. Since its introduction, the case has had several attractive skins, such as the Huntsman knife and the AK-47 Vulcan (it’s a fairly popular skin for this machine gun and a very expensive one).

Also, in this case, you can find such interesting skins as Tec-9 Isaac, Galil AR Kami, P2000 Pulse, AUG Torque and XM1014 Heaven Guard.

Cobblestone Souvenir Cases

СS:GO souvenir cases are quite a fun way to attract the attention of all fans of the legendary game to big matches. After each round, several spectators have a real chance to get a case for a specific map with team stickers and even an MVP autograph.

AWP Dragon Lore is one of the most fascinating items in this case; together with a good autograph, it can become a real highlight of your collection. Sometimes, new models are sold for $26,000!

Also, rare skins such as CZ75-Auto Crimson Web, Dual Berettas Panther, Glock-18 Blue Fissure and P2000 Red FragCam can be found here.

Katowice 2014 Sticker Capsules

In this rarest cases review, we could not help but mention the famous Katowice collection. There are no weapons in it at all; however, there are some other cool things here: these are the capsules that contain disposable stickers that can help you make your weapon look different.

These stickers may include the logos of famous teams such as iBUYPOWER, Reason Gaming, or Vox Eminor, and their style is very different compared with the modern CSGO stickers.

It’s worth mentioning that the capsules with stickers are considered very valuable items among the players: you will hardly find them on the Steam marketplace. For example, there are $140 lots. Once, the iBuyPower holographic sticker was sold for more than $15,000!

Winter Offensive Weapon Case

This rare case was released as part of the Winter Offensive 2013 update and was the first case ever to include exclusive community-created skins.

One of the most popular skins here is the M4A4 Asiimov. We bet you won’t easily find it in a better condition than Field-Tested! And even if you find one, it will cost quite a lot!

There are other cool skins here, such as Galil AR Sandstorm, M249 Magma, PP-19 Bizon Cobalt Halftone and Dual Berettas Marina.

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