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TOP 5 TAG Heuer Watches That You Can Buy Today!

People judge your personality and style based on the watch that you are wearing. It is an accessory that has the power to create a bold statement about who you are as a person. Knowing this, you have to choose the one with designs, colors, and features that you think can be a reflection of you.

Rolex is for watch collectors and enthusiasts who display power and self-confidence. If you are a classy yet adventurous person, then it is best to get a timepiece from the International Watch Company. However, if you are someone who has an eye for quality and loves everything luxurious, then buy from TAG Heuer. Here is a rundown of the iconic timepieces from this brand to let you know of some of the available options.

1. Connected Modular SBG811.BT62220

The SBG811.BT62220 belongs to the Connected Modular series. The company made it exclusively for men which is why it has a masculine appearance. The face of the watch is digital with an AMOLED touch screen display. Using it means having the ability to read the time in just a snap. You can find the hour and minute of the day at the center of the face and just below the TAG Heuer name. The manufacturer used black, blue, gray, and silver to create a cohesive look.

The presence of the stainless steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal guarantee you that this watch can last for a lifetime. It will not easily show visible signs of wear and tear because of its high-quality materials. The 45 mm case with a solid back contains a quartz movement. To create the watchband, the company used rubber materials. A bonus feature is the 50 m water resistance making it survive minor water spills. It retails at $1 800 but you can save more than $100 if you purchase from Watch Shopping.

2. Aquaracer CAK2111.BA0833

The CAK2111.BA0833 is under the iconic Aquaracer collection which is the reason why it has a higher price than the model mentioned earlier. It costs $4 450 but can be as low as $3 040 if you order from Watch Shopping. At first glance, you would assume that it has a complicated dial making it hard for you to read the time. As you observe it for a longer time, you will realize that the dial has high functionality making it a great everyday watch.

This watch features one main dial and three subdials with indexes and luminous silver-tone hands. It will not disappoint you in terms of quality because the brand made it using highly durable stainless steel material. Additionally, the sapphire crystal will protect the watch when you accidentally drop it. The 43 mm case contains an automatic movement that can last up to 42 hours. What more can you ask for after knowing that it also has a 500 m water resistance?

3. Autavia WBE5191.FC8276

A lot of watches go well with a suit and tie but some look great in formal attire. But if you are looking for a timepiece that can spice up your style regardless of the clothes you are wearing, then this Autavia WBE5191.FC8276 is for you. It has an exquisite smoky brown look that can easily attract anyone’s attention.  You can rarely see other luxury brands offering watches with the same design and color combination because of the tedious and costly process.

It is a magnificent piece as it comes with luminescent indexes, Arabic numerals, and luminous bronze. The manufacturer paired it with calfskin leather for added durability and aesthetics. It functions through the automatic caliber of 5 chronometers. It has a power reserve of 3 hours and a frequency of 28 800. It has a price tag of $3 850 but Watch Shopping offers it for $3 169 only.

4. Formula 1 CAZ1010.BA0842

The CAZ1010.BA0842 belongs to the Formula 1 series that targets men only.  At first glance, you might think that nothing is extraordinary about this watch model. But if you look closer, you will see that it has an eye-catching black dial and silver bracelet. It might be simple but it has a lot more to offer. It is an ideal option if you are looking for an affordable watch with impressive performance.

The dial contains luminescent hands and indexes which means that they glow if you are in a dark place. As a result, you can read the time without any hassle. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43 mm and a height of 15 mm which is the right size for the majority of men. The material used to create the case is the same material to manufacture the bracelet. It can tell the time as accurately as possible because of the quartz movement. This watch has the lowest price tag amounting to $1 600. During sales season, you can save 20% which means that you can buy it for $1 279 only.

5. Carrera CBK 2112.FC6292

The Carrera CBK2112.FC6292 comes with a blue dial, a luminescent finish, and rhodium-plated hands. It is the perfect watch to use during business meetings because of its stylish yet formal appearance. To make it look more appealing, it has a blue alligator leather band. It does not have any touch of femininity because the target market is men.

The 41 mm stainless steel case measures 41 mm and contains sapphire crystal like the majority of watches in the market. But the unique thing about it is that it has a transparent back. The automatic TAG Heuer Caliber 16 allows the watch to accurately tell the time for up to 42 hours. This watch is the most expensive on this list with a price tag of $4 200. If you order it today, you can save up to 17%.

In Conclusion

TAG Heuer watches can surely meet the requirements of your lifestyle. It is because of its various features including high water resistance and several complications. You will not regret buying from the brand because it can provide you with a timepiece that is worth your money. Buy your TAG Heuer watch today on!

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