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Top 5 things to know before signing up for Eurosport

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One of the leading sports stations across Europe is Eurosport. It’s a fantastic platform where sports fans can obtain the best coverage of their favorite sports. The network covers major sports, featuring figure skating, live snooker, handball, volleyball, basketball, and Olympic events, as well as tennis, cycling, winter sports, and football.

To watch Eurosport OUTSIDE UK, use the official Eurosport Player application. You can install the app from the Google Play Store if you possess an Android device. Subscribers of Apple iOS devices will need to visit the App Store.

Since EuroSports charges a subscription cost because of its premium content, sometimes subscribers wonder whether it’s worth the cost. If you’re also contemplating whether or not you should pay for its premium content. We are here to help you out!

In this article, we have highlighted the five features of Eurosports that you must be aware of before subscribing to the platform. So without any further delay, let’s begin.

5 factors to know before subscribing to Eurosport

1) There is currently no official free trial offered on Eurosport

The very first step involves choosing a plan before actually registering for a Eurosport account. There are various prices for each package.

It’s noteworthy that no free trial is offered when you sign up directly via Eurosport’s website. To continue streaming, you have to incur a fee.

Nevertheless, you can still sign up for a free trial to see your beloved sports on Eurosport.

To avail advantage of the complimentary trial, subscribe to a Eurosport Player account directly through the Eurosport application or Amazon Prime Video.

Bear in mind that only UK residents can enjoy Eurosport via Amazon Prime. However, Amazon Prime members can access Prime Video Channels as just an add-on.

2)It features Eurosport as well as Eurosport Player

Two options—Eurosport and Eurosport Player—are offered when you officially create an account on Eurosport. But then, what separates them?

Broadly speaking, Eurosport is a sporting platform that can be streamed via a mobile app or a website. You can access the headlines, stories, statistics, highlights, and podcasts of your preferred sporting events, which are complimentary.

The site’s material is offered for free, but accessibility to each of its stations’ life or on-demand streaming necessitates a subscription.

On the contrary, the sporting platform Eurosport Player is accessible on any device, such as Smartphones, Tablets, Web, and Smart TVs.

3) Through a Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, or Airplay, you can stream Eurosport

Eurosport Player can be connected to a Fire TV stick, Chrome cast, and Airplay. But a variety of factors should be met for a healthy pairing:

Your streaming gadget plus your Airplay, Chromecast, or Fire TV devices must always be tuned to the same Wi-Fi connection (tablet or mobile).

The video playback can indeed be adjusted by your media player (hand-held device)

Even with a premium subscription, pairing is necessary to live stream Eurosport programming; unfortunately, the Eurosport application doesn’t quite offer this service.

You need to pair your devices using the Eurosport Player application manually.

Furthermore, your login credentials would be applicable both for Eurosport Player (only for streaming) and Eurosport (for watching news and streaming).

4) Eurosport offers five passes to view major sporting activities

You may consider signing up for one of five passes via Eurosport, each of which has unique features, to watch a sporting event. The passes’ functions are as follows:

-Eurosport Day Pass: 24 hours of on-demand or live access to Eurosport entertainment is offered through the Eurosport Day Pass.

-Eurosport Event Pass: Subscribers of a Eurosport Event Pass receive accessibility to one or even more specific sporting events. To put this another way, you may use it to pay for a particular match or entire tournament of sporting activity.

-Eurosport Monthly Pass: One of the most popular choices is the Eurosport Monthly Pass. For those who wish to view numerous sports competitions without constraints, it’s indeed ideal. After paying, you will also have access to every live or recorded material offered on the Eurosport Player platform.

-Eurosport Season Pass: The broadcaster additionally offers a distinctive pass called the Eurosport Season Pass.

It is perfect for season-long sports fans who only want to stream or view live or on-demand an entire season of one or more tournaments.

The sporting events might, for example, be a specific football league, competitions, or championships.

-Eurosport Annual Pass: All material on the Eurosport Player is available to customers year-round via the Eurosport Annual Pass, either live or on-demand.

In light of this, it is perfect if you are a sports enthusiast who would not want to miss any sporting event.

After you create an account for it, you may view any game on the channel or have exposure to all of its stations.

Note that even if you own an active Eurosport Pass, you can schedule a different pass to activate once your present pass expires.

For example, if the current event is long, you may shift from a Day Pass to a Monthly Pass.

5) Ultra HD content for Eurosport is available to stream

Ultra HD editions of Eurosport content are offered.

But you need to have a 60Hz TV compatible with HD streaming and internet access with a minimum speed of 25 megabits every second.

While you must have a 25Mbps connection to the internet, you still can watch via Eurosport Player more efficiently with just a 5Mbps connection.

Based on your internet speed, Eurosport automatically switches the TV’s quality and resolution.


Among the best platforms for broadcasting various sports competitions is Eurosport. It is a premium platform where content can be accessed through membership.

Any gadget, including smartphones, Smart TVs, iPad, computers, or gaming consoles, may retrieve its material.

A minimum network connection rate of 5 Mbps is required when broadcasting for optimal streaming pleasure.

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