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Top 8 Circular Economy Trends & Innovations 2022

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Are you eager to know about the circular economy trends and innovations in 2022? If yes, here are the leading 8 options for you.

The growing population has shifted the world toward a circular economy. Different solutions are consistently provided to reduce waste and make the best use of the raw material and hence pushing you towards the closed loop economy with interrelated systems. The circular economy practices help the users in turning waste into resources and hence improve the life and liability of the products and materials.

Unleashing sustainable innovation by Dassault Systems

It is offering the best business where the virtual twin technologies will be helpful to rethink the products. Also, the business models available to handle sustainable innovations. It is all because of the 3D experience virtual universes.

Sneakers production from textile waste by WAIR

Tons of waste materials are generated on a daily basis globally and that further has raised the number of landfills areas as well. The presence of a circular economy to value the products and resources. WAIR is a Danish startup that collects textile wastes namely jeans and workers and recycles them into legal and sustainable sneakers. The sneakers feature soles made up of eco-rubber that further compromises about 70% of the recycled rubber and 30% of virgin rubber.

Reusable Packaging-as-a-Service by VYTAL

Reusability is the best thing one could do for extending the life of the products while keeping the waste at lower levels. VYTAL is an amazing German startup that produces reusable food packaging. The startup produces items like pizza packaging, trays, mugs, bowels, and different other things. Moreover, the company also offers a free return system through the mobile app.

IoT-based Digital Weight Scale

A perfect management system can effectively prove to be a money saving option. Recytrust is a Greek startup that has developed an IoT-based digital weight scale. The tool monitors the weight of the waste and generates alerts for emptying the recycle bin.

AI-Powered Waste Management solutions

RECYCLE a British Startup has established a sorting garbage solution for the perfect disposal of waste as per their type. The startup includes AI and robotics in its section and replicates the power of human vision for the identification of items in waste streams.

Sustainable Polymers

Teysha Technologies which is a UK-based startup has made products from non-renewable resources that are contributing to environmental pollution. It offers a natural product polycarbonate platform for creating a wide range of sustainable polymers.

Remanufactured Laptops

Circular Computing remanufactures laptops to BS 8887 standards. This option works for the reduction of solid and hazardous waste.

Easy Traceability of Materials

The introduction of blockchain into the system has provided a wide range of transparency and traceability in the marketplace. Cicularise developers blockchain-based solution that helps users in tracking materials all across the supply chains conveniently.

Digitize Repair and Maintenance Services

Reusing improves the lifecycle of the materials but makes them unsafe to use. And to resolve this option one needs to look forward to third-party sources. FiXFirst is an amazing startup that develops software that digitizes repair and maintenance services. The startup provides services allowing customers to use their devices for a long time.


So, guys! Hopefully this guide has successfully introduced you to the top 8 circular economy trends and innovations 2022 in the marketplace. We have made in-depth research and retracted the leading trends for you. 

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