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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Call an Electrician

Electricity has added so much convenience to our lives that we have completely forgotten the destruction it is capable of. The countless youtube videos and blogs with step-to-step guidelines for performing various electrical works and repairs are proof of our ignorance. Frankly speaking, a 10-minute video can never give you the expertise and experience of a trained residential electrician. 

Though you can attempt replacing the light bulb, anything other than that is risky, and you must not try to do it alone. We have compiled all the situations where you must call the nearest electrician in Dandenong and avoid doing them yourself.

Installing Ceiling Fans and Other Lighting Fixtures

If you want a cost-effective way to transform the appeal of your interiors, changing the light fixtures and adding ceiling fans can be your best resort. It can instantly perk your interiors and give you a premium look. However, fixing the ceiling fan or lighting fixtures alone may not be a great idea as things can go awry at any time. Hence always ensure that there is a professional residential electrician to perform all these tasks and give your interiors a premium look.

Repairing Faulty Wiring

Do you experience frequent flickering, voltage fluctuations or sparking at your house? If yes, know that your service provider may not always be responsible. Sometimes, it may be a deeper issue in your wiring that causes such incidents. If neglected, these can cause substantial damage to life and property, so it’s better to consult your nearest residential or commercial electrician in Endeavour Hills and ask them to check your wiring at the earliest and also provide you with solutions on how to find lower energy rates.

Corrosion in the Electric Panel

If you see corrosion around the outside electric panel, it’s evident that there is moisture. It’s not a good sign because water and electricity are not the best combinations. The moisture will eventually damage the electric meter and also wear away the protective insulating coating of the cable wires. Hence, when you first see the rust or detect the presence of moisture in your service panel, quickly ring your nearest electrician and ask them to come over for an examination. 

Changing the Outlets

If your home has two-prong outlets rather than 3-prong ones, you might be considering replacing them, and the internet must have presented the detailed process of doing the same. Switch off the circuit breaker and replace the new outlets for the room; simple, right! Wrong, the videos are misleading and changing an outlet is not for anyone other than professionals. You can easily make a mistake with the wiring and cause injuries to yourself and the house, so always call the professionals for outlet installations.

Installing Outdoor Lighting

Many people believe that outdoor lighting isn’t worth the hype, but we know that it increases the appeal of your home. Apart from lightening your yard, the outdoor light fixtures can  elevate the beauty of your frontier. However, you will require a professional Residential Electrician Melbourne for the task since only they know how to utilise lighting to brighten the surroundings and curb the area’s appeal.


Are you struggling with the wires running beneath the rug and furniture ruining the entire look of your home? Your electrician can help you organise these wirings and give your interiors a cleaner look. So call them. 

Upgrading the Wiring

You must regularly upgrade your wiring since the wear and tear may be dangerous and shall also lead to higher electricity bills. Ideally, the best electricians recommend changing a house’s wiring in 10 years, so if you haven’t updated it, it’s high time to call the nearest electrician and make the alteration. It’s also safe to change wiring because the old aluminium cables are poor conductors and can be hazardous, so upgrading with copper wiring is safe for your family.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

If you regularly get high electricity bills despite decreasing your electricity consumption, it’s time to call an electrician to analyse your appliances and wiring. They can quickly do an inspection to find who’s the culprit behind the hefty bills. They can also give you a few tips to decrease the electricity consumption of your house; some of them are-

  • Invest in LED bulbs rather than incandescent ones
  • Fix the faulty wiring
  • Swap older appliances with the ones with energy star seal ones
  • Minimise the temperature of the refrigerator
  • Install a dimmer switch to the light
  • Use cool and warm settings rather than hot in the washing machine
  • Service all your electrical appliances regularly

Moving to a New Home

Shifting to a new home brings in a lot of positive energy. However, before living there, it’s vital to call the nearest electrician in Endeavour Hills to inspect the wiring and assure you of safety. Especially if you aren’t sure about the age of this property, it becomes even more critical to get the circuits checked. If it’s an old house with outdated wirings, there are chances of an electrical mishap.


These are examples of when you must call the nearest electrician in Adelaide or in Endeavour Hills. From now on, be wise and contact a licenced electrician to perform all the electrical works and repairs rather than attempting them yourself.

You can contact Direct Point Electrical for all your queries. Our experienced team of professionals shall be happy to help you and provide adequate solutions to all your electrical woes. 

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