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Top Cryptocurrency news websites

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With technological advancement, the blockchain industry is evolving at a faster pace. Tons of crypto websites and news sources are floating on the internet, but finding an authentic and reliable one can be a daunting task. For your ease, we have compiled a list of top cryptocurrency news websites where you can get current and reliable news related to cryptocurrencies.

Below is the list of top cryptocurrency news websites that you would surely love to take a look at:

  • CoinChapter: CoinChapter is a well-known news website in the industry that provides transparent and reliable news related to cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology industries. You may surely turn to CoinChapter if you’re looking for specialized news sites that cover everything from cryptocurrency news to NFT, metaverse, and global news. It is one of the most active and highly trusted crypto news sites that share all the recent happenings in the crypto market with the world. Apart from the news, you can also learn more about the crypto niche with its blog section.
  • CryptoSlate: Founded in 2017, it is a news and media organization with its headquarters in Seattle. Despite being a recently founded news organization, CryotoSlate has achieved significant industry prominence in recent years. In addition to covering cryptocurrency news, CryptoSlate also provides extensive coverage of ICOs, cryptocurrency rankings, and events.
  • CCN: The dedicated news website CCN offers the most current information on all the major cryptocurrencies available today. A media outlet with its headquarters in Norway has become well-known for its coverage of the cryptocurrency industry. With CCN, you can also get helpful Blockchain insights along with other crucial market data like the ICO Calendar, news about cryptocurrencies, market cap, DLT events, etc. Its blog section also allows you to expand your industry expertise in addition to the news.
  • Cryptovest: A prominent news and media portal, Cryptovest is a great resource for learning everything regarding the blockchain industry and ICOs. The website also expresses its viewpoint on blockchain development, giving readers a fresh angle on the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Coinspace: Coinspace is one of the best crypto news sources that share current happenings in the crypto industry. Although it provides excellent content on a wide range of subjects, its primary emphasis is on fresh ICOs as well as cryptocurrency trading and mining.

There is tons of information on the blockchain and crypto industry available on the internet. Choosing the most reliable and authentic website among the plethora of news sources can be time-consuming. That is why we compiled a list of highly trusted crypto news sources that contain well-researched information and current happenings. With the above-mentioned news sources, you will get authentic information at your fingertip without wasting your precious time. 

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