Top Dua Lipa Songs You Should Listen to Right Now

The English singer Dua Lipa, who is of Kosovar Albanian descent, is not only one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, but she is also one of the most interesting, as she demonstrated in 2020 with the remarkable ‘Future Nostalgia,’ which was one of the best Disco albums that anyone could recall. Dua Lipa is the daughter of a Kosovar Albanian father and an English mother.

With a father who is as involved in music as Dukagjin, it would be difficult for tiny Dua to remain uninterested in music from the beginning of her life.

Aside from his band’s songs, he also used to play at home the hits of artists and bands such as Bob Dylan and David Bowie, who have undoubtedly impacted the artist’s professional life.

And, once you learn what the word ‘Dua’ means in English, you will almost certainly never forget it again because the artist’s given name in Albanian means’ love.’ Moreover, the fact is that her blood originates in both that country and Kosovo, which is located on the eastern fringes of the European continent.

Dua Lipa concert tickets are available at online marketplaces if you want to listen to some of her best songs live.

No lie

Sean Paul from Jamaica collaborated with British vocalist Dua Lipa on the recording of the song, which was released in 2013. In addition to being in NBA 2K18, the song was published as a single on November 18, 2016.

Don’t start now

A synthesized bass that sounds like it could have been lifted from a Daft Punk record accompanies this track from Dua Lipa’s finest album to date, ‘Future Nostalgia,’ which is the best album she has released to date.

The song boasts one of her strongest vocal performances and some utterly classic disco strings that add the perfect glitter shine to this outstanding disco anthem, and it is available on iTunes now.

One kiss

This ”One Kiss,” which was created in partnership with DJ Calvin Harris, is painstakingly crafted to be played at every summer party where the goal is to get everyone moving. It is one of the biggest singles in her career.

New rules

When they wrote this song, all of its authors, including Lipa herself, Clarence Coffee Jr., Sarah Hudson, and Stephen Kozmeniuk, had Austin Powers in mind. The truth is that the song would begin with one of those “Yeah, baby” lines from Mike Myers’ character if the song were to be released.

With a fantastic cameo by rapper Da Baby, this is one of the most enticing tracks of his entire career.


It’s an eighties throwback on all four sides, from the line “Let’s get physical” from Olivia Newton-John to the video, which pays reference to the film “Flashdance.”

The song, however, is more than a mere replica; it reaches a sound in which retro components combine seamlessly with the most contemporary aspects, making it the greatest expression of the album’s title, ”Future Nostalgia.”

We’re good

One of the best songs of her career comes from a discard from his first studio album, ‘Future Nostalgia,’ which did not appear until the Deluxe reissue of the same in 2017. 

Although it has a beautiful melody and a memorable chorus, it is evident why she didn’t put this great song on that album since it is less disco and has a Caribbean touch that didn’t match the original album. 

Love again

The song is a dance-pop, disco, and electro tune with a classic sound and a 21st-century nu-disco production. It is available on iTunes and Amazon Music. Songwriting topics include heartbreak and personal growth, with Lipa falling in love again after a terrible split at the center of it all.

Pretty please

”Future Nostalgia” contains another electro-pop smash from the band’s debut album.

It is presented in a bare-bones production, in which the bass is prominent, and it is accompanied by funky guitars and synths that are reminiscent of the Prince of the early 1980s. Despite its high quality, it was not selected as one of the album’s singles for release.


“I don’t give a fuck” is an acronym that stands for “I don’t care if you do,” a breakup song that helped to establish the singer’s image as pop but a tough girl. Another of those catchy choruses that stick in your brain like chewing gum is the foundation of this song, which is based on a simple guitar riff that is reminiscent of TLC’s ‘Waterfall.’

The Bottom Line

In order to bring this collection of oddities to a close, we must discuss the foundation that Dua manages with her mother and father.

The Sunny Hill Foundation’s mission is to promote a culture within Kosovar society while also assisting people in the direst of circumstances when they are in genuine need. This is a beautiful act that demonstrates that the power of celebrity can be used for charity purposes as well.

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