Top Female Celebrities Over 50 Who Defy Age

As they say, the older you get the wiser you are. However, these stunning ladies from the celluloid can prove that age is nothing but just a number. In fact, they inspire young women so much to become a better version of themselves without much effort. However, at the end of the day. Everyone is beautiful in their version of looking good. So if you have been wondering, whom we’ve been talking about all this while, scroll through this article till the end:

⮚     Nicole Kidman

The 51-year-old beauty is a mum of 4 and rightly justifies that age is nothing but a number. She’s an Oscar winner and stands concrete on her beliefs. She’s a hardcore feminist and a full-time activist for women’s rights. After her stunning performance in Aquaman, she proved that women can be beautiful and strong at any age. No wonder, she’s a complete package for anyone who drools over beauty and brains. So if you’ve seen her films, you must know that all these claims are right.

⮚     Meryl Streep

At 69, Meryl is still as glowing as she was during her early 30s. This actress has been nominated countless times and has garnered quite a strong reputation for herself in the field of cinema. This multi-talented woman is the perfect amalgamation of beauty, brains and unlimited talent. Meryl never fails to impress the fans when it comes to her red carpet looks and is always a stunner.

⮚     Jennifer Aniston

The 52-year-old Friend has never failed to impress the audience with her wit and glow on the big screen. Jennifer Aniston auditioned for the role of Monica Geller because she was a little skeptical about doing justice to the role. When she bagged the role of Rachel Queen in Friends, she had to lose 30kgs to look her best. Now that she has become the heartthrob of millions, she continues to dazzle everyone with her jaw-dropping body and beautiful eyes. If you want to know more, Click here.

⮚     Cindy Crawford

She’s the perfect picture of how youth should be. Standing firm at the age of 52, Cindy Crawford looks at the prototype of her daughter and continues to be a rage at the red carpet. Her fitness and style have always been admired by fans. Her Vogue covers are still appreciated by fans since it reminds fans of how her beauty was a benchmark many years back. Even now, Cindy manages to make fans drool over her due to the evergreen charm.

⮚     Michelle Obama

If you’re thinking of a woman with substance, Michelle Obama it is then. This fire lady has changed the dynamics of women empowerment globally and continues to be a rage. Especially when she became the first lady, nobody had thought she’d cement a strong reputation in everyone’s minds. Michelle Obama is fit, youthful and staunchly glamorous. She never fails to make a way in her fans’ hearts through her words and hard work.

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