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Top Investment Plans with Guaranteed Returns

In today’s complex and pragmatic race of life, almost everyone seeks stable and long-term financial security. The concept of Investment plans is leading the choices of individuals requiring a consistent flow of funding for the achievement of their personal and professional goals. It is imperative to understand that one source of income is not adequate to lead ahead of the competition in the present time. Utilizing the idle money stored in your bank account can bring you fortunes if strategically utilised for investment. Demonstrated below are some of the top investment plans you can consider to expect guaranteed returns. 

Mutual Funding

The dealers of mutual funds let you compare the financial amount based on various metrics. Some of the examples include price, risk and return. Moreover, as the details can be easily accessed, the investor can reach strategic and conscious decisions. Moreover, mutual funds also provide a range of advantages in professional and liquidity management. 


Usually considered among the safest and top-notch modes of investment in India, the PPF is definitely one of the most prevalent schemes under minor savings. The PPF account bearers can invest up to one and a half lakh during the financial year. However, on the other hand, the minimal deposit needs to be at least five hundred rupees. One can also deposit a heavy amount at once or take their time breaking the deposit into a maximum of twelve instalments. 

These deposits are eligible for deduction from an individual’s annual income and are also applicable for EEE under different taxation categories. This means that investors are not liable for paying taxes on all three levels: withdrawal, investment and earning. 

Direct Equity

The direct schemes significantly help in saving funds on market-centric expenses and commissions. This minor saving is further invested in the plan and might help one make additional return profit for an extended period. 

Gold Investment Plan

Usually considered among the leading options, gold investment plans ensure the opportunity to transform an impassable asset into liquidity of high value.

ULIPs – Unit Link Insurance Scheme

This scheme is often termed as ULIP in the financial sector and offers a wide range of advantages. The best part about this scheme is that it brings the pluses of both insurance and investment under one roof. It is mainly known for the taxation advantages it offers and is currently leading among the best investment mediums in the nation. 

Banking Fixed Deposits

Banking fixed deposits are quite a prevalent scheme in India. It comes with both non-cumulative and cumulative choices. They also provide generous amounts of returns over the tenure of your investment. You can also pay the returns on a bi-annual, annual and monthly basis. However, these terms and conditions shall broadly vary based on the policy of the banking firm you choose. 


Bonds can be defined as liquid and, therefore, partially easy for an organization to sell off a significant amount of bonds. It can be sold without influencing the price too much. 

National Pension Plan

The National Pension Plan is a perfect option for those who want to create a solid retirement fund. It can assist those who aim to use their savings as investments in government-censored pension money. They can invest it in varied stock market folios, which may include shares, government bonds and corporate debentures. The accrued pension wealth or the returns made with such investments is usually utilized to buy a life annuity. Other than that, another section of it can be withdrawn when the plan period ends.

You can also consider the National Pension scheme as a pension product conducted by the government for the well-being of employees. It provides plans according to government bonds, equity debt and corporate debt. In the process of NPS, a minimal contribution of six thousand rupees is needed. However, it would help if you kept in mind that there is no upper cap included in it. 

PO Saving Plan

This plan is perfect for retired individuals who require daily earnings. It often comes with the choice of account conversion, which is another plus point that you can take advantage of. 

Investing in Real Estate 

Investing in real estate is one of the most profitable and advantageous schemes in India. It offers the ultimate potential for progress in today’s consistently growing market. 

How Investment Plans Can Benefit You?

One can attain a robust financial portfolio with the help of the best investment schemes. Investing your fund cautiously can help in building significant wealth over the years. One can use their finances for strategic investment instruments, such as mutual funds, stocks, real estate and bonds. They can provide them with the chance to gain a significant amount of returns to the basic savings account. With the rolling of time, these investments can efficiently help you boost your net worth and multiply wealth in the long run.

The Final Words

Investment schemes let you set up specific monetary goals and chalk out a structured strategy to attain them same. Whether you are going to save for your family’s well-being, children’s education or simply buy a new apartment, investment plans can help significantly. A large percentage of people rely on investment plans to secure their days of retirement and also begin a new venture. It is one of the most disciplined and secures approaches to achieving a desired goal within a given time frame.

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