Top Marvel Web Series to watch in 2021

If we talk about superheroes who saves the world, fight evils from all over the universe, the name of Stanley’s Superheroes directly comes to our mind. Marvel is now entering into its new phase and we already saw new superheroes and supervillains entering the Marvel Cinematic universe. Either it is box office or fan’s heart Marvel is rocking everywhere. 

Marvel is like a Kabaddi Betting site it offers so many things to the fans at one place whether it is comics, games, movies, now web shows too. With the second phase of Marvel it has now entered the most famous OTT platforms with mind blowing web shows. The Web shows are amazing to watch with the same taste of Marvel. It is really exciting to watch our superheroes in long running shows.

We have a list of some of the best web shows by marvel which you can watch in 2021.

  1. Loki – Now that Disney has emerged as a big house to webshows, we can witness some of the best Marvel Webshows there. 

Have you ever imagined Loki as a hero, trust me my reaction would be the same like you after hearing this at first but it is true. Loki is ready to be the protagonist with his amazing storyline. 

After running with tesseract in the Age of ultron (End game edition when Avengers went back in time for the stones) Loki reaches to a new dimension where he was captured by TVA.

Story turns when he finds that he is not the only Loki present there are many Lokis from different-different dimensions. How will he beat the TVA, how will he go back to his home? To find these answers you should watch Loki.

  1. What If? – The show is as it is like the name suggests. The show is based on the incidents that could take place if this or that happened. Show has multiple moments that there would be a lot of possibilities of what is happening in the MCU or what more could happen.

This animated show is available on Disney Hotstar. If you are a Chadwick Boseman fan then this series is a little emotional for you, he did a last voice over in the show before his death.

  1. Daredevil – This is one of the most famous shows by Marvel available on Netflix. A lawyer who is blind, fight against the evil legally in day and in night he becomes the Daredevil and fights evil.

Kingpin is the main antagonist in Daredevil series. For the Netflix subscription you can place your wagers on PSL betting games and can earn the subscription amount. Daredevil has 3 seasons with 39 episodes

  1. Falcon and the Winter Soldier – This web show is available on Disney Hotstar. After the endgame fans had a lot of questions about the Captain America, will Sam (Falcon) will be able to carry his legacy? To find these answers you have to watch the show. It has some amazing turn around in the climax. 
  1. Agent Carter – Peggy Carter the only love of our beloved Captain America has teamed up with Jarvis (Howard Stark’s Assistant) they both are on a mission to find the evils of HYDRA. The series shows two timelines of 40s and 50s. 

There are two seasons of the show available on Amazon Prime.

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