Top Michael Kors Watches To Buy According To Your Personality Type

Michael Kors watches are considered to be one of the finest accessories or items of jewelry. They serve as a reflection of our personality and preferences. A Michael Kors watch when worn fashionably, may reveal a lot about us apart from just telling us the time. There is a perfect Michael Kors watch for everyone, whether you’re someone who prefers classic looks or all things bling, the ethereal range by Michael Kors watches embodies every kind of style. Following are seven different Michael Kors watch designs to add to your collection. Michael Kors offers sleek and unique designs that will definitely elevate your sense of style.

  • For The Laid Back Chiller 

Are you someone who always wears baggy jeans and loose-fitting t-shirts? You probably have a very chill personality and prefer to wear simple, stylish clothing. You would benefit most from wearing a latest Michael Kors watches that has a digital dial with an eclectic chain wrist band. Luxury designer brands like Michael Kors offer classic digital dials watches in different color options that are hard to resist. So, if you are looking to amp up your regular look, Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw Digital watch is the ideal pick  for you.

  • For The Fashionable Diva

Are you looking to buy a classy Michael Kors watches to make a fashionable statement? You require a stunning Michael Kors Everest Chronograph watch that has a crystal-encrusted dial with a gold-toned watch body. The iconic Michael Kors Everest Chronograph watch has been exquisitely crafted in stainless steel that gives you a polished look. If you like bracelet-style chain straps then this piece from Michael Kors is the ideal choice for your lifestyle. Michael Kors offers their watches in a variety of hues and patterns, so go with the one that makes you fall in love at first sight.

  • For The Minimalist Lover

If you are someone who doesn’t like to experiment a lot with your style then you should invest in a modest yet classic watch like the Michael Kors Pyper watch. If you’re a strong, independent lady with a sophisticated sense of style, a plain dial with the brand logo on it adds a sense of power and simplicity to your look. A black or brown leather strap will do an excellent job in uplifting your look. Such classic watches by Michael Kors are appropriate for any occasion as they are instant classics and can be matched with any of your favorite outfits. 

  • For The Tech Enthusiast 

Your watch can do more than just telling the time and all you need is a smart watch, which may offer you access to your phone’s alerts, health information, take calls, and more. With Michael Kors Gen 5E Darci Stainless Steel Smart Watch, you can expect greatness in a watch. It has a high definition smart display, round dial with crystal embedded casing that makes the watch stand out from the rest. The best thing about this watch is that you can change the watch face according to your mood. This Michael Kors watch is compatible with both ios and Android devices. 

  • For The Attention To Detail Individual

Do you tend to pay more attention to details than is required? You probably never leave the house without your watch because a watch adds a lot of difference to your whole look. You’re a perfectionist who appreciates fine craftsmanship, just like the Michael Kors Darci Rose Gold Dial Stainless Steel Analogue Watch in stunning rose gold color. You will fall in love with it right away since it is so meticulously made. It has a gorgeous gold second hand, a rose gold dial, and a crystal embedded bezel. This Michael Kors watches will complement your personality as it is made with fine craftsmanship.

  • For The Traditionalists 

If you like classic watches with round dials and a simple appearance, you are conventional and totally comfortable with your selections. Some people choose to do things the conventional way while also liking some modernity in some areas of their lives. The Michael Kors Grey Auden watch has a monochromatic look with circular dial and stainless steel bracelet strap that complements traditional Indian clothes as well as western clothes. This Michael Kors watches features a quartz movement, an analogue dial, and logo emblem for a posh look. This grey beauty is a perfect pick to start a conversation or to spend some quality time with your friends and family. 

  • For The Luxury Fanatic

If you enjoy a luxury life and have an eye for style, then luxury timepieces like the Michael Kors Layton Rose Gold Chronograph Watch. This Michael Kors watches will not only help you to create a strong fashion statement, but they also evoke the ideal picture of strength and majesty. This Michael Kors watches is the quintessence piece of glitz and glamour featuring a crystal studded dial, straps and also the bezel of the watch. This rose gold-tone luxe timepiece is certain to turn heads and be the showstopper. 

  • For The Cheerful Personality

If you enjoy wearing colorful watches, you are most certainly a cheerful person. You adore floral dresses, breakfasts with your best friends, and romantic books. Most people mistake your lack of outspokenness for shyness, but you simply prefer to maintain your thoughts to yourself. You are mesmerised by playful and colorful fashion choices. Therefore, your watch should be as vivid as your personality and for that reason, the Michael MK6972 Everest Watch is the ideal pick for you. Pair it with flowery dresses or tailored denim, this Michael Kors watches is sure to uplift your happy and cheerful personality. 


Finding the ideal Michael Kors watch that is a perfect reflection of your personality can be overwhelming. However, If you consider the above points, it will become easier for you to pick something that complements your taste and preferences. Michael Kors watches are designed to boost your confidence and elevate your personality.

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