Top Online Blackjack Strategies To Remember

Casino games are generally fun, especially when maintaining a winning streak. However, the situation is entirely different when the tables are turned as you start to wonder why you seem to have run out of luck. luck can never guarantee a successful gaming experience, but your strategies can. 

Experts at mention that when playing games like blackjack online with having a good game strategy is very important as that will help you become a better player who can confidently face any challenger. You can never go to a blackjack table without equipping yourself with this information. Hence, here are five blackjack strategies you should never forget, regardless of how intense the game is or how much fun you have.

  1. Never accept insurance bets

Insurance bets are very popular, especially in online blackjack casinos that can be found at They are typically offered as side bets when the dealer gets an ace card. This way, your losses will be reduced should the dealer make a blackjack, as the chances of getting that after an ace is quite high. This seems like a very good deal as you will be guaranteed that you will not go home empty-handed. However, it really isn’t, and you should try your best never to accept these insurance bets, regardless of how tempting the offer is. 

The price which will be paid in return for this insurance is quite heavy, as what you will be doing is giving up on the game. However, this favors only the dealer as you have given up, even if they do not eventually make a blackjack. Seeing a game through to the end is always better because you can never tell how things might eventually work in your favor. 

  1. Don’t split tens

This seems like a fundamental rule that even novices in the blackjack game should know. However, many people still make this very terrible mistake. Many amateurs typically fall for this temptation as it could help them make a blackjack easily or have two high finishing hands, all good options as it means even more money for you. However, splitting tens is as unadvisable as taking insurance bets. Bluffing is important in casino gaming, and it is important to keep a strong front till the very end.

There is absolutely no reason to risk your game and money because of a potential that is not 100% certain. Having a strong hand is already great by itself, and splitting it is as good as ruining all you have been working for, even if you can clearly see that your dealer has a weak card. 

  1. Double down if you have 11

Instead of taking a risk like splitting tens to get more money on your table, a more advisable way to achieve that will be to double down at the right time. After being dealt your cards and you have a starting hand of 11, you should always take the risk to double your bet, except your dealer has an ace. As you already have 11, your next card will most likely be valued at 10, and you get to finish with the 21 you need to win the game. 

  1. Know the blackjack table

The traditional rules of blackjack remain the same. However, the tables might change depending on the casinos you are playing with. You can still get lost when playing with unfamiliar tables, even as a professional. Hence, it is always best to be safe by going for the familiar tables. If you would like to familiarize yourself with other tables, go for it. However, it is better to actually study them first using the free-play mode before actually going on to place bets on these tables. There are many variations of modern blackjack online, some more complex than others, but as long as you take your time to study each one, you should be able to play them perfectly well too. 

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