Top Reasons to Integrate a Mobile App in Your Restaurant

Individuals spend 90% of their smartphone time using mobile applications. Of these, 53% of smartphone users indulged in making purchases from company-specific apps. This has opened several avenues for quick service restaurants to drive revenue via mobile app transactions and other such elements. A restaurant app eases the food ordering, food delivery, placing the order and other such activities much simpler.

The restaurant or food apps are not an aid for small or medium enterprises but well-known establishments as well. Recent reports state that the coffee giant Starbucks reported conducting 16% of their financial transactions via their app. This means generating a colossal amount of $1.6 billion just through their mobile app.  

Still, pondering upon how can you augment your restaurant business? Digitization is the solution to all your worries.

Top Reasons to Digitize Your Restaurant Business

Here are some of the important potential benefits of integrating mobile applications into your eatery business. Have a look!

Convenient launching of location-based deals

Food choices and the number of customers are subject to geographical location. Things work differently in diverse places. For this reason, it is important to have mobile apps encompassing location launching features. This will offer customized deals to the users based on their location. Get on board with an app development company to create the best restaurant app. Your app portal will send out information about the latest deals and offers to the users in close proximity to your restaurant. In addition, the customers can skim through the app’s menu, and you can offer takeaway or dining services in a particular region via the app.

Winning Customer Loyalty

Satisfying your target audience should be the prime goal of every business. Let’s dissect the case study of Pizza Ranch, a famous pizza eatery. In 2015, Pizza Ranch had run a campaign on the occasion of Black Friday to offer double points to the customers buying food from them that day. This immediately skyrocketed their sales and resulted in a massive 67.6% increase in their business compared to usual. While they had witnessed a wide customer base, their on-average sales increased substantially. That being said, incorporating a mobile app by availing restaurant application development services is paramount to winning your customers’ loyalty. Once you attain a trust level, your clients will be hooked to your app and restaurant.  

Effective completion of Orders

Fulfilling orders in a restaurant is no cakewalk. Advancements have eased this daunting task in mobile apps. The food delivery apps made by the Android/iOS app development agency are not just restricted to helping the customers to read the menu or place an order. In fact, these apps aid in a plethora of tasks in an eatery. Mobile apps have eliminated the hassle of a person reaching out to every customer’s table and writing the menu on paper. The scope of making errors manually is high. By integrating the mobile app, your workforce can easily and quickly respond to a large number of customers and serve them food comparatively faster.

These apps also let you do away with hiring individual staff for billing. Customers can easily pay the bill via the in-app payment option. This is a great aid, especially for restaurants offering customized food options, as they will be receiving all the instructions directly from their clients.

Winding Up

The advent of the restaurant, food delivery and tracking apps has greatly increased food joints. However, all will be in vain in the absence of a robust and user-friendly mobile app. Before chipping into the restaurant app idea, you must resort to a reputed and experienced app development agency to avail of iOS or Android app development services. AppStudio is one such eminent app agency that deals in end-to-end application and software development. Their application developers are adept at creating apps packed with high-end features, enticing UI/UX and delivering high performance. If you wish to create a restaurant or food app in Canada, connect with their team to know more.

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