Top reasons your business should switch to a virtual fax

Technological advancement is one of the most certain things in the world currently. However, some technology is still valid even though they’ve been around for so long, and many think they are outdated. One such technology is faxing. For many millennials, faxing isn’t a necessary technology in the 21st century. However, in reality, it’s still used to share documents across businesses in different sectors.

Virtual fax ensures that you can maintain the functionality of faxing without suffering the burdens of using the physical resources of traditional faxing. It is the modern solution to the faxing dilemma in a world that’s increasingly electronic. With virtual faxing, you can upload an electronic document to online fax portals that convert and send the document to the fax number securely. Incoming faxes are sent to selected email addresses as electronic attachments. 

According to some dissertation writing services, there are many benefits that virtual faxing has for businesses in this modern age is the reason why you should switch. Some of these are:

  1. It is convenient

Using virtual faxing means that you no longer have to wait for your office fax machine to send or print. You get incoming faxes straight in your email inbox while the outgoing faxes are electronically uploaded with ease by clicking your computer mouse. Also, you are allowed to send one fax to several fax numbers at once, and several people can receive your incoming faxes if you include them on your email distribution list. 

  1. It requires fewer resources.

You don’t need a physical fax machine that takes up space within your office. This means that you don’t need other resources such as paper or ink. Also, there is no such thing as maintenance or repair of the machine. That’s why it is called virtual fax. It saves you a lot in terms of the resources needed and the cost incurred. In addition, virtual faxing doesn’t require you to pay for dedicated phone lines as it uses the internet. 

  1. Location is flexible

Virtual faxing allows you to receive faxes from any part of the world as long as there is an internet connection because sent faxes deliver straight into the email. This means that you can always access an important document that is faxed to you as soon as it comes in, whether you are at work, working from home, or you are on vacation. This advantage is the same if you are to send the fax. All you need to do is upload your online document to the fax portal, and you can do this from anywhere in the world. 

  1. It has more security.

While the traditional fax is secure, the virtual fax offers more security because sensitive documents will never be exposed on a fax machine. Furthermore, all the files are encrypted as you send it, and when a fax is sent, it can only be accessed by the owner of the email address or someone that can log into the fax portal. 

  1. Recordkeeping is easier

Virtual faxing makes it very easy to store faxes because they can be sorted electronically and directly from email. With traditional fax, however, you need to maintain large physical files or scan the faxes before storing them electronically. Virtual faxing also allows you to view both outgoing and incoming faxes from the fax portal. 

  1. Going green 

A problem with the traditional fax machines is that it automatically prints out all incoming fax, bringing about plenty of waste. Government research shows that fax machines take up 200 billion paper pages in the US every year. With virtual fax, the document is sent directly to your email and does not need to be printed unless there are other reasons for a physical copy. This saves plenty of paper which is good for the environment. 


Faxing is no longer an outdated technology. On the contrary, as mentioned in some of the best essays, it has been refined to meet the current digital world with virtual faxing. 

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