Top Technology Companies to Work for in 2022

In the modern world, information technologies have become the most attractive field for employment. This sphere is developing rapidly and in the future, it is only planned to increase the pace. That’s why a qualified specialist will never be left without work. Among the abundance of IT companies all over the world, it could be quite difficult to find the right one for yourself. It’s not a secret that the US is the world leader in the development of information technologies. Moreover, the US is the country where such giant companies as Microsoft and Apple are growing and developing. But how to receive the invitation to interviews for such companies? A well-written resume is the first step towards an IT field. Creating a high-quality resume is the most difficult step on the way to big tech. It is important to attract the attention of recruiters and get an interview. You need to describe in detail the information that recruiters need, otherwise, they will not waste time on your resume. If you worked for an obscure company, briefly explain what the company was working on. This will save the recruiter time searching for information. Try to tell as much as possible about your experiences and your successes. Specify the type of company (for example, product or outsourcing), customers, and the products you created. If your clients were from abroad, name specific countries. In some cases, you can rely on resume writing services for IT professionals so that you’d be sure your resume surely catches the recruiters’ attention. Except for Microsoft and Apple, there are a lot of other popular IT companies offering good work conditions and salaries. Here’s a look at the best tech companies list you’ll surely need to try your chances in.


IBM is the most profitable IT company in the world given that almost all the world’s banks and a lot of retail companies use the products and services of the company. International Business Machines (IBM) was founded by Charles Flint. During its long history, IBM has developed many great inventions, including floppy disks, hard drives, the magnetic stripe on credit cards, barcode systems, and much more. By the way, the first ATM also appeared thanks to the company’s mainframe. Speaking about the requirements for applicants for various positions, it is necessary: technical education fluent English, including professional (technical) vocabulary at least three years of experience in the relevant field sociability punctuality


The employees of the company say that the strongest point that makes GitHub a large and talented company is the ability of the company to collect the mind-shared people around the world to share their tastes. Being a remote-first company, GitHub makes everything possible to organize the home office for each employee by proving all the needed tools to establish a productive home office setup and enhance work-life balance. According to comparably research center, software engineers earn a salary at par with Google and Facebook. The other factor that makes GitHub the leading company is that the employees have uninterrupted access to books, conferences, career development opportunities, and much more.


The company provides the tools for making online surveys. The greatest thing about SurveyMonkey is that the employees are really respected and supported. Moreover, they are truly empowered to make contributions to the development of the company. The success of the company is measured by two key points: how they serve the customers how they support the employees


There hardly be anyone in the world who doesn’t hear about Google. Google offices are designed so that employees can stay to work at night and not even worry about things like hunger or hygiene. Employees can allocate their own time e.g. during working hours you can go to salsa, play billiards, eat or sleep. To become a part of the Google team, you need to prove that you are a highly qualified specialist and a great fit for the vacancy. The very first step for applying to Google is to get your resume noticed. If you are invited to an interview at Google, it is most likely because your resume showed excellent college grades and good work experience.

Dell Technologies

Dell was founded in 1984 by 19-year-old student Michael Dell. His main idea was to sell PCs with adaptive configurations so that when buying, the customer could choose any necessary components that would fully meet the individual needs. Recently, thanks to its subsidiaries, it has begun to focus more on developing software, cloud storage, virtual reality, IT infrastructure, data centers, and digital security. The professional development of the team is important therefore, Dell encourages participation in technical conferences, meetups, hackathons.

How to Get Ready to Work in These Tech Companies?

Every company has different requirements for candidates, so you have to check them before starting applying for the position. For example, while Google gives preference to innovation-driven people, GitHub is looking for share-minded people and is all about establishing a co-dependent community. Except for making sure you are an ideal candidate for the position, you have to ensure the goals and mission of the company are right for you. So you need to make small research or test the tools of the company to determine if your goals align with the company ones. It helps to realize how long you stay in the position.

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