Top Ten Books To Level UP Your IELTS English Preparation

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an extremely popular competitive international standardized test for students and professionals. Hundreds of universities in English-speaking countries consider IELTS scores as a central aspect of their admission criteria. IELTS attracts millions of aspirants worldwide, with 3 million participants appearing annually for the examination. The test assesses one’s grasp of the English language, specifically focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities in English. 

Competition is tough in IELTS. Chances are very high that you will be competing with students & even professionals with a strong hold on varied aspects of the English language. The right kind of preparation, loads of practice, proper guidance, and good study resources are necessary to beat any & all competition.

AbroAdvice, India’s leading overseas education consultancy services, lists the ten best books that can boost your English skills. 

Ten of the Best Books to Improve All Your English Skills

Let’s start right away with the most famous book among them all. 

1. The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS

Published by the prestigious Cambridge University, this is one of the best books for both IELTS General Training and Academic examinations. The Cambridge guide to IELTS is excellent for beginners. It has four distinct sections for all four components of the IELTS exam and several practice tests. Each section is sub-divided into chapters that dig into the nuances of the different IELTS tasks. 

2. IELTS Academic: A Comprehensive Learner’s Bundle

This is yet another awesome study material for IELTS aspirants. Get this one and you will get not one but 5 e-books all at once, each for the different sections of the examination. The IELTS Academic bundle contains the latest trending question types with answers written by actual IELTS Coaching experts at You have many sample questions with answers, essay ideas, practice tests, and more. 

3. The Barrons’ IELTS Superpack

Another excellent collection of study materials, Barron’s IELTS Superpack, is truly super regarding the content’s detail and comprehensive nature. You get full-length modules or sections filled with instructions, examples, solved problems, & tests for both the academic and general training exams. The book offers clear explanations for all solutions and effective tips, tricks, & techniques that can surely elevate your performance. Practice tests let you try your hand at all the different question types, trending topics & ideas found across the different sections of the IELTS. 

4. Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7

Another great book for anyone targeting the top score bands, the writer himself is the top scorer in the examination. You will learn effective & implementable strategies & tips, examples, exercises, and numerous practice tests. The syntax is very clear and to the point. The approach is that of a person who used a practical and effective approach to pass the exam with flying colours. 

5. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Lester Kaufman and Jane Strauss

Grammatical knowledge and the expansiveness of one’s vocabulary are the foundations of one’s language skills. Level them all up with the Blue Book, a comprehensive workbook for improving and testing your language skills. Use it with the books above, and you are bound to level up your IELTS band scores. Go through detailed examples, solve lots of quizzes & exercises, and then put your skills & ideas to the test. 

6. Focus on the IELTS Foundation Coursebook

This book is another great book for beginners. It contains a detailed guide for understanding the different sections of IELTS, offers tips & strategies, and provides lots of exercises & practice tests. There’s a large word bank for improving your vocabulary. A dedicated self-assessment section is filled with practice tests, DIY learning tasks, and more. 

7. IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with Key and CD Pack

A superb practice book that covers all four sections and offers concrete strategies, this is an excellent resource for academic and GT examinations. There are solved problems with explanations & analysis. There are also numerous tips and audio clips/scripts in the CD/DVD. Combine this book with another guide, and you are good to go.

8. English Grammar: 100 Tragically Common Mistakes by S. Williams

Sharpen your grammar skills with this book. It digs into the most common grammatical mistakes committed by non-native English users. It also suggests a slew of handy memory tricks to help you remember correct usage. 

9. Road to IELTS

Road to IELTS is not a book per se but a set of online interactive courses for levelling up your English language abilities. Go for it, and you can access many mock papers, video tutorials, and several interactive examples & exercises. If you sign up for this package through the website of the British Council, you will get loads of freebies as well. There are lots of features and numerous practice exams. The only downside is that you can access everything for just 90 days.

10. Official IELTS Practice Materials 

Written by the official test partners of IELTS (the Cambridge ESOL examiners and writers), these materials contain a comprehensive and exhaustive collection of materials and practice tests. You can also access DVDs with footage for practising for the listening & speaking tests. 

And those were the top 10 books that can elevate your IELTS English preparation to a whole new level. Use a combination of the above books and put in some solid effort to score in the top echelons.

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