Trademark registration cost? How much it costs and the benefits explained

Essentially everyone seems to be aware with the phrase “trademark,” and the vast majority of individuals have a general idea the benefits but, how much does trademark registration cost? It’s a prevalent misperception that trademarks don’t really apply to regular, modest businesses. A trademark can be one of your company’s most priceless assets, enhancing brand recognition and aiding in the differentiation of your goods and services. If your company uses a logo or slogan to brand its products or services, you should take precautions to stop your rivals from copying your brand. Your trademark serves as the authenticity seal for your company. It stands for your company’s reputation, and unauthorised use of that trademark could significantly damage your company’s reputation. With the understanding that all goods bearing that trademark would be of a high standard, consumers utilise that trademark to distinguish products.

You should take immediate action as soon as you or your creative team has a concept for a brand name or logo to see if it is already being used or registered for the particular goods or services in question. This will make it evident if your chosen mark might be subject to challenges from third parties. Even if the launching of the product or company is not forthcoming, an application for the trademark should be submitted as soon as appropriate.

In order to prevent outsiders from entering an industry’s market with the same or a similar name for their goods or services, several rights are provided through the application procedure. This allows an organisation to maintain adequate and fair boundaries around the unique aspects of its operations that draw in and keep clients.

How much does a UK trademark registration cost?

Frequently, a filing provider will return its fees if the IPO rejects your trademark. If you wish to use a massively efficient class action service that guarantees a total 100% refund if the application is refused for your online trademark registration, UKTMS has your back. The application cost of £365 covers one course. If you want to assure trademark protection, simply add £65 for additional classes. An assurance of trademark acceptance is included in the costs listed.

If you choose to submit your application directly to the IPO, you must make sure that it is presented with the correct safeguards requirements and in the appropriate classes. If not, your trademark may not protect the products or services you wanted to protect. For one class of goods and services, registering a trademark with the UKIPO costs roughly £170 online and £200 by mail. As more lessons are covered, the cost of filing rises because each additional lesson is £50. If the specifications for your trademark are not met, or if it was not prepared properly. The IPO does not reimburse application expenses for rejected applications.

What’s the risk of not Registering a Trademark?

The “first-to-file” approach is used in trademark registration, as it is in many other IP rights. Because of this, if you, as the owner, decide not to register your trade mark, it’s possible that a third party might do so and use that to prevent you from using your trade mark (even if you started using everything first!). In the UK, having a registered trade mark offers protection from infringement. Therefore, by registering your trade mark, the owner is not responsible for alleged infringement that occurs before the registration is deemed to be invalid, even if a third party possesses an earlier registration for the same or a similar mark.

What are the benefits of having a UK trademark registration?

– Gives notice of trademark ownership across the country as of the registration date, barring third parties from arguing that their later use of the mark was done so “in good faith.”

– Provides enhanced protection to become “irrefutable,” which can help not only in court proceedings but perhaps more importantly in quickly persuading others to stop using a mark without the need to go to court.

– It serves as proof of the validity and exclusive ownership of the mark for the goods and services listed in the registration.

– Gives your brands more marketing level of credibility and serves as notice to rivals that you are substantial about defending your rights by granting the right to use the ® symbol when the mark is used for the goods and services listed in the registration (unregistered marks may be identified by a superscript “TM”).

– Makes the mark simple to identify in a trademark availability search, discouraging others from adopting deceptively similar marks in the first place and avoiding issues before they even arise.


Registering a trademark is an important thing for any business to do. For the cost of registering a trademark you get peace of mind that others cannot use your brand name. You can also invest in your marketing and business development without the concern that another registered trademark holder may ask you to change your branding further down the line.

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