Transitioning from Work to Wanderlust, Crafting Memorable Dubai Experiences in Just One Day Amidst Meetings – Exploring a City of Culture, Heritage, and Modernity

Gleaming with luxury and futurism but with a firm stand on Bedouin roots, Dubai welcomes thousands of travellers to enjoy its many attractions. Here’s your one-day guide to Dubai.


A work trip to Dubai doesn’t have to be filled with nothing but work meetings. You can tear yourself away from the entrapping of meeting rooms and venture out to experience the many attractions that lie in wait for you. To say that Dubai is one of the most modern and futuristic cities is an understatement. It’s more than that. With each passing day, Dubai introduces something new and exciting.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lengthy holiday to explore everything Dubai has to offer. If you know your way around, you can explore most of its offerings in one day.

Best Time to Visit

If you have only one day to explore Dubai, it’s best if it’s not a day filled with rain showers and high humidity. So, you must choose the right time to visit. Dubai’s intense heat can be somewhat exhausting, so winter months are the best time to explore the city. November to April bring more pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees. This is also the peak season, so be prepared to contend with large numbers of tourists.

While the winter months offer the best opportunity to explore the outdoors, the rest of the year is not without its virtues. Lower accommodation rates during summer months attract travellers from around the world. Plus, air-conditioned shopping malls, art galleries, and museums remain open throughout the year to keep you delightfully occupied.

Places to Stay 

As you have only a day to explore Dubai, choose a hotel or a resort at an easily accessible location. It’s Dubai, so you’re never out of options whatever you may seek. Budget accommodation is a subjective term when it comes to Dubai, but most luxury hotels in Dubai offers various enticing offers for business travellers seeking leisure. Take La Suite Dubai Hotel & Apartments, for example. These types of hotels feature restaurants, event venues, and meeting facilities as well.

As for offers, you may be interested in offers such as stay longer specials, book now stay now offers, advance purchase offers, and long stay offers.

Breakfast at Sheikh Mohammed Centre

If you happen to be here on a Monday or Wednesday, you can go to Sheikh Mohammed Centre for a traditional Emirati breakfast complemented by insights into culture. At nine o’clock is the earliest you can arrive here. The breakfast, coupled with cultural insights from a guide, lasts nearly two hours.

Walk Around Dubai Creek

You can do this after your breakfast or before.

Take a leisurely walk around Dubai Creek to experience the heart and soul of Dubai. Wander along the promenade, and you’ll be transported into a world now lost but remembered.

You can start your journey at the Al Fahidi Fort. Stop here for a bit and explore the history and heritage of the region. From there, you can follow the winding path along the creek, passing dhows and souqs.

Take in sights and smells and the skyscrapers that stand in delightful contrast to the traditional markings of Dubai. During your walk, you’ll come across several souqs, including the Gold Souq, where you can browse glittering shops, and the Spice Souq stacked with aromatic spices.

If you can get here in the evening, you can hop aboard a traditional wooden boat at sunset and watch Dubai eases into a peaceful slumber.

Spend Your Evening in the Desert

If you plan to visit the souqs and do some shopping during your walk around the Creek, it might take a few hours, and before you know it, it’ll be teatime! Pop into a café for a snack and a delicious cup of Arabian coffee. You can also have a hearty meal of Emirati delights at a restaurant.

Now that you have a full belly, head to the desert to expend all that energy. An evening desert safari is one of the best ways to spend time in Dubai. A typical desert safari includes dune bashing, sandboarding, and a delicious meal at a Bedouin style tent. You can also enjoy dance performances and camel rides. To feel like a Bedouin, get your hands tattooed with henna.

There are various safaris to choose from. The best option for you might be one that starts at around 3 PM, allowing you to spend the entire evening in the desert.

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