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Trends and prospects in blockchain technology

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Blockchain technology remains one of the hottest topics in the financial services sector and has continued to spread rapidly in the areas of cash and digital identity in recent years. It is now being tested in all the most significant areas of public life, and soon the number of projects using the technology will increase several times over.

What is the essence of blockchain technology? 

Blockchain is a decentralized database, formed as a network of computers communicating with each other based on a consensus protocol, and storing a chain of blocks of encrypted data about any transactions or records.

To put it another way, before that we had the internet of information, of which email is the main element, and blockchain is the internet of exchange of value expressed in the form of digitized tokens.

What problems does the technology solve?

By using blockchain technology, it is possible to optimize a company’s internal business processes as well as those with external market players. This could fundamentally change the landscape of commodity trading. 

By streamlining these processes, there is the potential for significant savings, for example:

  • reduced labor costs;
  • reduced manual and semi-automated labor;
  • lower capital costs through faster payments;
  • lower process costs by reducing dependence on multiple IT systems.

What opportunities does blockchain offer to gambling?

Gambling resources use Blockchain in different ways. For example, they offer video slots based on this innovative technology, or they offer players the opportunity to make transactions in cryptocurrency by receiving a Vulkan Bet bonus. Either of these options is attractive to customers and increases their confidence in the gambling establishment. Using cryptocurrency wallets, users can maintain complete anonymity. The number of crypto casinos that have started accepting digital money as an alternative payment method has increased markedly in recent years. 

Casino security

Analysts predict that the global gambling market could surpass $500 billion by the end of the year 2023. The gambling business is difficult to regulate, and even licensed casinos cannot guarantee one hundred percent transparency. Blockchain will resolve this issue and help the field achieve further growth. The key features of the technology are:

  • transparency;
  • high degree of security of the data received. 

Blockchain-based e-commerce casinos or crypto casinos offer tight monitoring of all cash operations. A distributed database system guarantees that the data received is held on multiple units and cannot be altered. Since the data is in the public domain, it can be easily cross-checked, giving users a guarantee of fair gambling in casino Vulkanbet


New blockchain-based platforms will be based on its core principles of public availability and security. For this reason it could be a good alternative for services where there is a risk of fraud or data theft. In the short time of its existence, the technology has gone from innovation to a mechanism that is actively used by major corporations, government agencies and public organizations. This proves that the technology has even more potential in the years to come.

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