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Troy Aikman Net Worth Age, Biography, Career, Height, Weight & More

Troy Aikman has long been one of the world’s foremost athletes in American Football and beyond, earning immense respect from fans and peers alike for both his on-field achievements as well as those outside of it. Even into 2023 – Aikman continues to leave an indelible mark upon fans’ hearts!

What is Troy Aikman’s Net Worth in 2023?

As of 2023, the legendary quarterback Troy Aikman boasts an impressive net worth of $65 Million Dollars. Financially adept during his football years as well as business decisions made since leaving, Aikman gained financial savvy thanks to savvy business decisions he made after leaving. Notable of which was becoming co-owner of San Diego Padres (MLB), as well as co-owning NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team Hall of Fame Racing from 2005 until 2009.

Who Exactly is Troy Aikman?

Troy Aikman first gained national renown as an exceptional American football quarterback while attending UCLA, throwing 5,298 yards and 41 touchdowns during just two years – an exceptional talent recognized with receiving UCLA’s Davey O’Brien Award during senior year. Following that achievement into professional sports he was chosen first overall pick in 1989 NFL Draft by Dallas Cowboys as their starting quarterback.

Aikman made history during his 13-year run as quarterback of the Cowboys. Among other accomplishments, Aikman led them to three Super Bowl victories between 1993-1996 – only accomplished by an elite few quarterbacks at that time – earning six Pro Bowl selections while passing 32,942 yards, scoring 163 touchdowns against only 14 interceptions during that span of time.

How Did Aikman’s Collegiate Career Shape His NFL Journey?

Aikman’s time at UCLA set the foundation for his NFL success. As one of the three highest ranked passers in NCAA history, Aikman amassed 5,298 passing yards and 41 touchdowns over two years at UCLA to become one of its three-rated passers. These accomplishments combined with his 20-4 record helped establish him as an attractive NFL draft selection candidate.

What Other Achievements Does Aikman Hold?

Troy Aikman was honored throughout his career for more than his stellar statistics or Super Bowl rings alone; in February 2006 he was recognized by being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio – an acknowledgment for all that he contributed to football as an industry titan.

How Old is Troy Aikman in 2023?

Troy Aikman turned 56 on November 21st 1966 and continues to have an influential presence within American football today, at 56. Aikman’s age reflects this fact as well as his ongoing relevance.

What is Aikman’s Legacy in the World of Football?

Troy Aikman’s career from college football through the NFL and sports broadcasting to sports commentary has cemented him into football history as a beloved figure. From commentator insight, to memories from quarterback days and his fondly remembered quarterback days – Troy Aikman remains revered within football circles worldwide as his legacy continues to inspire fans around the globe. Troy turns 56 next year!

Troy Aikman stands as an iconic figure in sports history due to both his extraordinary playing career in football and smart business investments, both of which he continues to pursue today. Reaching age 75 marks an everlasting legacy he has left behind him throughout the years.

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