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This article describes Trugoy, the Dove, and the causes of his death. To learn more, you can visit Trugoy The Dove Cause of Death.

Trugoy: Who are you? Who was Trugoy’s real name? What was his occupation? Is he dead? Is he dead? Trugoy, a native of the United States died at 54. Have you searched for Trugoy’s name? If you couldn’t find the information you were looking for, keep surfing. To learn more, you might want to read the Trugoy The Dove Causes of Death article.

Who’s David Jude Jolicoeur,

Trugoy, the Dove is a well-known name for David Jude. He was part of the famous Island-based hip hop trio. During his time with De La Soul, Trugoy was known as Trugoy (or Trugoy or Dove). Jolicoeur had dreadlocks that were unevenly layered, African medallions and peace signs in the beginning of his career.

Trugoy, the Dove Gorillaz

Jolicoeur was also a member the Spitkickers. In the second phase, Jolicoeur added “Feel Good Inc” from Gorillaz to his rap. De La Soul is well-known for Trugoy, the Dove. On February 12, 2023, he died. The cause of his death is unknown. Although no information was available about the cause of the death, the rapper revealed recently that he had been diagnosed as having congestive heart disease. Trugoy The Dove Instagram has been mentioned.

What was the cause of Trugoy’s death and what did he suffer?

Trugoy, the Dove’s cause of death cannot yet be determined. Due to previous interactions with him, it is likely that he died from one of his illnesses. This is caused by congestive heart disease, which is when there is no blood flow to your heart muscle. Shortness of breath is a common outcome. This happens because the lungs build up fluid and blood backs it up often. Trugoy, the Dove Causes of Death are listed below.

Common symptoms include leg swelling, extreme exhaustion, and shortness of breath. Some people also wake up feeling short of breath when they are doing physical activity or lying down. Heart failure is not usually associated with chest pain.


  • Name: David Jude Jolicoeur
  • Other names: Trugoy Trugoy (Dove Trugoy), Dove Trugoy. Dove Trugoy. Plug Two. Dave
  • Date of birth: September 21, 1968
  • New York City, New York City, U.S.
  • Date of death: February 12, 2023
  • Age: 54
  • Genres: Hip hop
  • Occupation(s) Musician
  • Instrument(s) Vocals
  • Net Worth: $1 million – $5 million
  • Parents: Unknown


AllHipHop reported that David Jude Jolicoeur (real name Trugoy The Dove), was a hip-hop artist and De La Soul legend who has passed away. Trugoy has suffered from a variety of health problems over the years. According to reports, Trugoy suffers from congested blood vessels that cause heart failure.

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