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To learn more about the bomb threat to Tufts University, please read this post Tufts Bomb Warning Twitter

Are you familiar with Tufts University Did you know that there was a bomb threat against the University? Many people were shocked to learn that Tufts University was under threat. Many people in the United States search for news all over the world. You can find all the details about Tufts bomb threat Twitter in this post. Please continue reading.

What happened at Tufts University?

Tufts University was notified by email of a bomb threat Thursday 15 December 2022. The University cancelled exams scheduled for 15 December and instructed students and university officials to evacuate some areas. The University also stated that all exams starting on 16 December would be conducted online. This threat was received by the University for the second consecutive time. Tufts University stated on its social media platforms that it was alerted and instructed to evacuate certain areas. This threat is being discussed on Instagram by many people. The University issued a notice stating that all areas had been properly searched and that no threats were discovered. Students can now resume their normal schedules.

What was Tufts University’s threat?

Social media accounts provided some details about the threat to University. Some accounts claim that the attackers are making bomb threats against the University in protest of anti-white racism. One post stated that the University had been encouraging anti-white racism within the country. The threat was not Videoin the mail. They also stated that they don’t want anyone to die, but they wanted everyone to be informed. They also gave directions to evacuate areas and mentioned the location of the bombs. Although the University has taken precautions to avoid the threat of a bomb, no concrete evidence has been found. The University searched all areas believed to have been the site of bombs, but no evidence was found. This means that there is no way to know if the threats are real or not. This case is being investigated by the police.

Social media Links

Many are sharing posts about the threats on Reddit.


Final verdict

We can conclude this post by saying that police should quickly find the culprit and bring them to justice. We also hope that all students and University officials are safe. Please click this link to learn more about the bomb threat

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