Twitch Drops: What are they? Who do they benefit? How to get them?

Twitch Drops are a feature that rewards viewers on the Twitch platform with in-game rewards or digital content, fostering engagement and excitement among the community while benefiting both viewers and game developers.

Who benefits from Twitch drops?

Developers and game publishers

Game developers and publishers leverage Twitch Drops as a strategic marketing tool to create buzz and generate interest in their games in several ways:

1- Incentivizing viewership: By offering exclusive in-game rewards or content through Twitch Drops, game developers and publishers incentivize viewers to watch streams related to their games. This drives up viewership numbers, which translates to increased exposure and potential word-of-mouth marketing as viewers discuss the drops and their experiences.

2- Targeting the gaming community: Twitch is a platform primarily dedicated to gaming, and its user base consists of passionate gamers. By utilizing Twitch Drops, game developers can directly target this community, ensuring that their marketing efforts reach a highly engaged and relevant audience.

3- Collaborations with popular streamers: Game developers often collaborate with popular streamers or influencers to host streams that offer Twitch Drops. This collaboration generates excitement and attracts a large audience. Viewers are not only enticed by the drops but also by the opportunity to engage with their favorite streamers while exploring new games.

4- Limited-time events: Game developers frequently tie Twitch Drops to limited-time events or promotions, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity. This approach encourages viewers to tune in during specific timeframes or participate in specific activities within the game to unlock the drops. These time-limited events generate a surge of interest, as viewers don’t want to miss out on unique rewards.

Overall, Twitch Drops serve as an effective marketing strategy for game developers and publishers to create buzz and generate interest in their games. By leveraging the dedicated gaming community on Twitch, offering exclusive rewards, collaborating with popular streamers, and utilizing limited-time events, they can engage viewers, showcase their games, and ultimately drive sales and player engagement.


Twitch Drops offer several advantages for viewers, providing them with exciting opportunities and valuable benefits:

1- In-game rewards: Twitch Drops allow viewers to receive exclusive in-game rewards simply by watching designated streams. These rewards can range from cosmetic items, character skins, or virtual currency to enhance the gameplay experience. By passively participating in streams, viewers have the chance to acquire items that might otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to obtain.

2- Exclusive content: Viewers can gain access to exclusive content through Twitch Drops. This may include behind-the-scenes footage, developer interviews, concept art, or additional storylines related to the game. By offering unique content, game developers and publishers reward viewers with a deeper understanding and connection to the game’s world, enhancing their overall engagement.

3- Early access to features: Twitch Drops often provide viewers with early access to certain features or game content. This can range from beta access to upcoming updates, new game modes, or DLC (downloadable content). By granting viewers a sneak peek or early testing opportunities, game developers allow them to be among the first to experience and explore new aspects of the game.

4- Enhancing gaming experience: Twitch Drops add value to the viewers’ gaming experience by providing them with additional items or content that can enhance gameplay, customize their characters, or unlock new abilities. These rewards can contribute to a sense of progression, personalization, and achievement, making the gaming experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

How to get Twitch Drops for your favorite game?

To get Twitch Drops, viewers typically need to fulfill certain requirements and follow specific steps. While the exact process may vary depending on the game and the streamer, here are the general requirements and steps to acquire Twitch Drops:

1- Linking Twitch and Game Accounts: Viewers need to link their Twitch account with the game account associated with the Twitch Drops. This is usually done through the game’s official website or a designated linking page. The process may require logging in to both accounts and granting permissions for data sharing.

2- Eligible Streams: Twitch Drops are only available during specific streams designated by game developers or publishers. These streams are often announced in advance through official channels, social media, or the game’s website. Viewers must tune in to these eligible streams to be eligible for the drops.

3- Passive Viewing: Once viewers have linked their accounts and joined an eligible stream, they generally need to passively watch the stream.

4- Random or Threshold-based Drops: Twitch Drops can be distributed randomly to eligible viewers or based on certain thresholds, such as reaching a specific watch time. The specific criteria for earning drops are determined by the game developer or publisher and may vary from one campaign to another.

5- Notification and Claiming Drops: If a viewer is eligible for a Twitch Drop, they will usually receive a notification on Twitch or through email. The notification will provide instructions on how to claim the drop. The process may involve visiting a website, redeeming a code, or automatically receiving the drop in the linked game account.

6- Check Game Inventory: After claiming a Twitch Drop, viewers should check their in-game inventory to find and access the received rewards. The drops should appear in the inventory, ready to be used or equipped within the game.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and steps can vary for each Twitch Drops campaign. It’s recommended to follow official announcements, read the guidelines provided by the game developer or publisher, and stay informed about the specific requirements and instructions for each Twitch Drops event.

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