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Twitchearnings.com More Facts About The Leak

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The popularity of online games has increased dramatically in the last decade. Twitch is a popular streaming service in United States has been a platform that allows streamers and creators the chance to play games online for users. But, it has been reported for an attack that was discovered on its website.

In this post we will explain what happened and what you need to be aware of about the website. Our goal is to present a an accurate overview of the incident and to stop spreading any false rumors.

What exactly is Twitchearnings.com, and why is it mentioned in the news? At the moment it is recommended that you keep your eyes on the website until the very close.

Why is Twitch Earnings in News?

According to the latest reports, Twitch, a streaming service located in United States, suffered a huge leak of sensitive information because of a possible hack. The incident took place on October 6, 2021 the day that information which included the sources, source codes, and streamer pay outs and more were leaked to the internet.

Users are notified and warned of the need to change their passwords to prevent further information leaks. Additionally, when trying to connect to the website it is found that the website isn’t accessible.

According to reports from the source, Twitchearnings.com presents the Twitch Earnings Leaderboard which gives you the information on how much the most popular streamers earn between 2019 August and 2021’s October. The information was made accessible to the public on the 6th of October 2021.

In the following parts, we will provide specific information about the same. Continue reading.

More Facts About The Leak

  • According to the information revealed through the leaked documents, xQc along with Summit1G make up the top-paid creators of the live-play show Critical Role.
  • Information includes source codes as well as streamer pay outs
  • Another aspect in the leaked information is that the payouts for twitch streamers starting in August 2019 through October 2021 was released on the internet.
  • The leaderboard shows Ludwig as the sixth-highest ranked with earnings that range from $1.4 million to $1.4 million.

About The Breach On Twitchearnings.com

  • According to the website an individual website has listed ranks that range from the top up to lowest.
  • They include 81 streamers who have made approximately $1 million in three years.
  • Additionally, there are 262 streamers that have earned half one million dollars.

But, it should be understood that the figures are merely a reflection of the earnings through subscriptions and ads. This doesn’t cover other sources of income, such as sponsorships or donations.

Users’ Reaction On The Website

In light of the information collected, some users have suggested that they use twichpayouts.com instead or Twitchearnings.com as the latter isn’t accessible. But, it is still to be established whether the website is legitimate or not, as the site has not made any official announcement.

Final Conclusion

According to information published on the website that has been deemed an attack on technology and has been discovered that Twitch streams make a lot of dollars. Some of them have made hundreds of dollars over the last few years, all from advertisements and subscriptions. In addition, many streamers maintain their own channel on YouTube, where they post highlights from their streams.

We hope this article has given you an insight into Twitchearnings.com. Find out more about users’ feedback here.

What do you think about Twitch and the revenue of streamers? Share your thoughts and thoughts in the comment box below.

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