Tyrese Gibson Divorce What Happened Between Tyrese And His Wife?

Who are Tyrese and Samantha Lee Gibson?

Tyrese Gibson, best known for his roles in “Fast and Furious”, recently made headlines not for his professional endeavours but because of his personal life. Tyrese and Samantha Lee Gibson recently announced their intention to divorce after only 3 1/2 years of marriage – an event many found shocking given how short it was.

When did the couple tie the knot?

In a rather romantic gesture, Tyrese and Lee Gibson had a secret wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day in 2017. While the beginning was sweet and full of promise, the end seems to have been marred by challenges and heartbreak.

What led Samantha Lee Gibson to file for divorce?

Publicly, Lee Gibson has chosen to maintain a largely reserved front, making very few statements. However, in a candid Instagram live session with Ericka Davis, she shed some light on her decision. While she didn’t delve into specifics, it’s evident that she felt she gave the marriage her best shot. Throughout the ordeal, she leans heavily on her faith, stating, “You have to know that there’s a God that’s bigger that’s worth trusting in.” This spiritual connection appears to be her guiding light during these trying times.

How has Tyrese reacted to the divorce news?

Tyrese, ever vocal on social media, expressed his sorrow and heartbreak over the situation. His perspective is interesting, stating that there’s an “attack on Black families” and implying that external pressures of 2020 played a role in the dissolution of their marriage. He also highlighted the couple’s two-year-old daughter, which brings us to a contentious point of their split.

Is child support becoming a contentious issue?

Indeed, it appears so. While divorces can be challenging, the introduction of child support requests can add another layer of complication. Lee Gibson’s petition for child support has been met with resistance by Tyrese, reminiscent of his previous marriage.

Has Tyrese faced similar issues before?

Yes, Tyrese’s marital history does carry some baggage. This is not the first time he is going through a divorce or facing issues surrounding child support. His previous marriage to Norma Gibson also ended on a bitter note, characterized by a heated custody battle and disagreements over child support.

What can be expected moving forward?

Divorces, especially in the public eye, can be messy and unpredictable. Both Tyrese and Lee Gibson seem to be emotionally charged, and the addition of a child into the mix can complicate matters. However, Lee Gibson’s emphasis on faith and trust in a higher power suggests that she is looking for a peaceful resolution. As for Tyrese, only time will tell how he navigates this difficult period, but fans hope he will prioritize the well-being of his child.


The divorce between Tyrese and Samantha Lee Gibson underscores the challenges many couples face, especially those in the limelight. External pressures, personal differences, and the responsibilities of parenthood can strain any relationship. While the world watches and speculates, it’s essential to remember the human aspect behind the headlines and wish both parties strength and wisdom as they navigate this challenging phase.

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