Tyrese Gibson Ex Wife What Happened With Tyrese And Ex Wife

Who is Norma Gibson?

Norma Gibson is widely recognized as the former wife of actor and singer, Tyrese Gibson. Although their marriage was short-lived, the legal battles and custody disputes over their daughter, Shayla, have kept Norma in the media’s spotlight. Here, we dive into the life of Norma, her tumultuous relationship with Tyrese, and where they both stand now.

Where and When was Norma Gibson Born?

The details surrounding Norma Gibson’s birth and early life remain somewhat enigmatic. Sources indicate she was born during the 1980s, making her 40 years old at this point in 2021. But therein lies another mystery; whilst some believe she hails from London or America. However, the pieces of the puzzle might come together considering Norma once revealed her status as a British citizen, perhaps indicating her British birth. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: Norma hails from Israel and identifies as Jewish.

What do We Know About Norma’s Marriage to Tyrese Gibson?

No secret exists regarding Norma Gibson and Tyrese Gibson’s marriage; rather it was one-sided and short. After meeting secretly until Tyrese announced in 2009 their intention of divorceing in 2007, the two exchanged vows and later married on October 17, 2007. Unfortunately, they separated in 2008, not even marking a year into their matrimony.

The union, however brief, resulted in the birth of their daughter, Shayla Gibson, on July 11, 2007. As of 2023, Shayla is a 16-year-old teen, and memories like her 14th birthday being commemorated by Tyrese on Instagram signify the bond she shares with her father.

Why Did Norma Gibson Refuse to Work Post-Divorce?

A significant reason why Norma has stayed in the limelight even post-divorce is the ongoing legal disputes with Tyrese. One such dispute that grabbed headlines in November 2018 centered on Norma’s refusal to seek employment. Despite court orders urging her to become self-sufficient and find work, Norma showed reluctance. This spurred Tyrese to take legal action, his attorney stating that Norma felt she had no duty to find employment and contribute towards their child’s upbringing.

Has Norma Gibson Moved On? What About Tyrese’s Love Life?

Post-divorce, Norma Gibson has chosen to lead a life away from the public eye. She remains tight-lipped about her personal affairs and has largely stayed out of the media’s radar, except for the occasional headline due to the custody battles. Not being active on social media further bolsters her privacy. As of the last known details, Norma remains unmarried and there is no public knowledge about her dating anyone post-divorce.

On the contrary, Tyrese Gibson’s love life has been much more public. After his divorce from Norma in 2009, he began a relationship with Samantha Lee. Their love story progressed, leading them to exchange vows on February 14, 2017. The couple was blessed with a daughter, Soraya Gibson, on October 1, 2018.

In Conclusion

Norma Gibson, although primarily known for her relationship and subsequent legal battles with Tyrese Gibson, remains an enigma. Her choice to stay out of the limelight post-divorce shows a preference for privacy. As part of his entertainment industry profession, Tyrese continues to give glimpses into his personal life with the general public. Like in any relationship and its aftermath, Shayla remains at the heart of it all and healing, growth, and her wellbeing should always remain our ultimate goals.

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