Ultimate Checklist for Perfect Movie Night!

Planning to host a movie night for your friends? Let’s get this! We know how tough being a host is, you’ve to plan everything from snacks to sitting arrangements. One thing that can make this process a little less complicated for you is a checklist, as checklists always work.

To make it easy for you and help you out in this we have prepared a list of all the movie night essentials that you must have. Since movie nights are all about fun, relaxing, spending quality time together, along with laughter, food, and of course an entertaining pick to watch, this checklist will make sure you got all these things right!

So let’s get into it without any further delay:

  1. A high-end TV package

You’re planning a movie night which means you have to take care of everyone’s choices. Some might want to watch a horror movie while some will be up for a rom-com. How many movies will you rent out for it? The better option is opting for a good TV package that offers a wide range of movie channels as well as on-demand streaming.

If you’ve already subscribed to a good TV package, then you’re sorted. However, in case, you’re looking for one, then we recommend you check out Spectrum Gold Package that includes a wide range of networks, 200+ channels, and an option to access thousands of on-demand movies and shows.

  1. Go extra with the snacks

Can we even call it a movie night without snacks? As a good host you’re going to prepare snacks for all the guests coming over but what can you do to add a little exclusive touch to it? We suggest you go out of the way and prepare themed snacks for everyone. Pick any theme for your movie night and reflect it in your snacks.

You can even choose a theme similar to the movie you’re going to watch. For instance, if you plan to watch Grinch for your movie night you can prepare Grinch Cookie Dip. Or you can have Grinch colored ice-cream bowls for everyone. If you’re good at baking you can also try your hands on green and red cupcakes. The goal is to make it look fun and exciting and it’s your call on how you want to do it.

  1. Throw in some LED lights

Movie nights are meant to be cozy and you know how much difference lighting could add in creating the ambiance. Add LED lights or fairy lights behind your TV setup, or you can hang them around the curtain or near the snack bar. You can easily get remote control LED strips from Amazon, your nearest hardware shop, or any other trusted online store.

Change colors according to mood and themes, add flash or fade effects. It will surely make your party more LIT than any other ordinary movie night. We love fairy lights as they are affordable, make a big statement, and can be a good addition to your home decoration stuff too.

  1. Portable Bluetooth speakers for better sound effects

An easy, cheap, and quick fix to give a boost to your TV or laptop sound quality is through a Bluetooth speaker. It won’t take up a lot of space and immensely improve the sound quality of your TV too. You can set it up easily in a space where you’re planning to have a movie night. It can bring full audio into any room especially in a bigger space. This is why we have added it to our checklist as Bluetooth speakers help in enhancing the movie experience so much better and rich than any regular sound system ever will.

  1. Comfy sitting arrangements

Do you know your entire movie setup can go to waste if you don’t offer a comfortable sitting place for your guests to watch the movie? Throw in some pillow, a lot of cushions, and cozy blankets to make it as cuddly and comfy for your guests as you can. If you feel like a single couch won’t be enough, drag the sofa to your TV lounge too.

There should be enough room for everyone to sit in their most comfortable postures and enjoy the best out of the movie night. To add in more comfort you can arrange fluffy pajamas or props along with your arrangements to make it more fun.

  1. Post-movie games/activities

What’s next once the movie is over? Are you going to sit there and let everyone bore at your movie night? You have all your friends and family together. Don’t let that go to waste. Plan fun activities and games after the movie. You can play classic board games like Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, etc.

Try your luck with card games like UNO, Poker, Go Fish, and many more. If not games then you can plan fun activities such as playing Never Have I Ever, Hide and Seek, Truth or Dare, or Detective Killer. As a host, your job is to entertain. Make your movie night worth remembering. Take a lot of pictures so you can take a look back at them and relive those moments again.

Wrapping it up

We all are living a fast-paced life where plans like movie nights are difficult to schedule because of everyone’s busy routines. But, if you get lucky and have everyone available, don’t miss out on this opportunity and make it worth a while. We hope this checklist can help you plan and arrange one of the perfect movie nights of your life.

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