Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best C++ Robot Kits

The most developed programming language used nowadays in robotics is said to be C++. These programming languages are well-liked not just because they make it simple to connect with low-level hardware but also because they provide a wealth of tools, libraries, functions, and educational resources. Typically, C++ is used to program robotics devices without memory restrictions.

Give one of these C++ programmed kits to your favorite computer nerd, and they’ll be as delighted as they appeal to their love of computer science. The professional developers in your life will be thrilled to receive gifts that they can use in their line of work, such as ergonomic processors that reduce stress and gift cards, they can use to strengthen their software development abilities. If you give them items that let them work in the area where creativity meets code, they’ll be equally excited.

Here Is the List of Some of The C++ Robot Kits:

Petoi Nybble – MSPR $299.

Petoi Nybble is an open-source and incredibly configurable robotic cat. Nybble can move, play, and express emotions. Nybble also exemplifies a lot of great things you can accomplish on your own because it is programmable. Your cat can learn new instructions from the experiments you design. You can experiment with your Nybble’s design to alter, enhance, or transfer your cat into the behavior you choose. Built on an open-source framework, Nybble offers countless opportunities for “teaching” it new skills, behaviors, and CAT-itude as you program it and guide its development.

The 3D puzzle wooden frame is simple to put together but yet takes time and attention to detail, making it ideal for students of all ages. There are almost unlimited options once you put your cat together. It even has lifelike motions and looks “quite attractive.”

Features of the Petoi Nybble are:

  •  Highly extensible with Raspberry Pi & Arduino ecosystem
  •  AI chip (Raspberry Pi)
  •  Screw-free interlocking puzzle frame     
  •  A Robotic/STEM kit with so many possibilities for educators, students, and engineers.
  • Highly programmable for lifelike behaviors
  •  C++ & Python robotics kit

Petoi Bittle- MSRP $269.00

A little yet mighty robot named Petoi Bittle can do stunts much like actual animals. We made every adjustment possible to provide a palm-sized robot pet dynamic movement. Bittle is the ideal tool for studying, teaching, researching, or giving a surprising present to astonish loved ones.

Bittle is a platform that allows the fusion of several producers’ devices into a single organic system. You may clip on other sensors to provide perception while our specialized Arduino board controls all automatic and deliberate actions. By attaching a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips via wired or wireless connections, you might also add artificial intelligence capabilities. The NyBoard V1 is the Arduino board that powers Bittle. It has a multitude of peripherals. To control complex motions, we made full use of the microprocessor in a normal Arduino Uno.

Highlighting characteristics of Petoi Bittle are as follow:

  • Robotics, STEAM, STEM, and coding education
  • Free block-based programming and C++ curriculum are available for anybody to use to learn robotics.
  • Highly extensible with Raspberry Pi & Arduino ecosystem
  • Scratch, C++ & Python robotics kit

Yahboom Raspberry Pi Robotic Kit for Adults ROS Robot Arm Lidar Mapping Navigation Python C++ Programmable AI Kit- MSRP $1109

The robot incorporates a wide range of AI capabilities, including insightful patrol, radar shield and tracking, 3-DOF flexible manipulator grasping, fixed-point route planning, fully automated driving, color recognition and tracking, AR tag identification and reality enrichment, imagery beautification, face identification, lidar mapping navigation, and obstacle avoidance. 

The highlighting features of this C++ programmable kit are:

  • Combination of AI functions based on the ROS programmable project professional kit Integrates a wide range of AI capabilities, including intelligent patrol, radar guard, and tracking.
  • Control of cross-platform connectivity
  • 4GB motherboard for the Jetson Nano with 3D visual mapping and navigation

Adeept 5-DOF Robotic Arm Kit – MSRP $69.99

A tiny desktop robotic arm with several functions is the Adeept 5DOF Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino Uno R3. It is created using Arduino and has several control options. Since it is entirely open source, you may add more independently defined operations and functions. For more dependable performance, the controller board and UNO R3 are incorporated onto one PCB. Teenagers may acquire programming, constructing, and coding skills with the help of this robotic arm kit.

The primary features of Adeept 5-DOF robotic arm kit are:

  • Simple to compile and build – Complete instructions and Arduino C/C++ and processor code are included.
  • Multiple methods of working: drawing, imitation, self-learning/action memory, etc.
  • There are several different control mechanisms, including manual control and remote control 
  • Due to its open-source nature, additional self-defined functions can be added.
  • Micro USB cable

DOBOT Magician Robotic Arm – MSRP $1518.83

The DOBOT Magician is a tiny, multipurpose desktop robotic arm that can do a variety of tasks, including 3D printing and laser engraving. The simple procedures carried out by DOBOT Magician allow students to practice on their own. The DOBOT Magician offers a variety of control choices, including coding, APP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a mouse, and other devices, which considerably increase the effectiveness of instruction.

For various training projects, DOBOT Magician provides a variety of accessories, including straight rail, conveyor, visual, and crawling robots. An open platform for robotic education has a variety of applications and training courses accessible, including Industries, automation, and PLC.

The primary features of the DOBOT Magician robotic arm kit are:

  • Programmable Robotic Arm with 20 GPIO ports, with UART, two jaw grippers, and a 3D printing kit.
  • A wide range of programming support, including Python, Java, C++, etc.
  • Compatible for secondary development with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.


The above-mentioned C++ robot kits are some of the well-liked C++ robotics kits because of their extensive tools, functions, and educational resources. These kits serve as the best gift idea for your programmer friend. These kits expose programmers to the realm of robotics and its numerous applications.  In particular, the Petoi robot kits are among the best high-performance robot kits with affordable prices.

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