Ultimate Guide To Old School RuneScape (OSRS) For Beginners 2022

OSRS stands for Old School RuneScape. This is the definitive version, which Jagex produced in 1999. OSRS was created to appeal to the large pre-Eoc RuneScape fan base, which brought many players back into RuneScape. Old School Runescape is much more popular than RS3 and the original RuneScape. It also has steady player growth, which is uncommon for an older game. Old School RuneScape remains popular even after all these years. This guide contains many tips and tricks for new players. Even though it’s been almost two decades since RuneScape was first released, the game is still alive and well in 2021. The game’s current version was becoming too boring for many players, so the MMO developers created an old version called Old School RuneScape. The game’s current version is more like the one it had in the mid-2000s. It is being updated in a different way than its older counterpart.

Even though the game has been around for a while, many new players continue to play it. This is because these new players lack the same experience as those who have been playing since its inception. This guide will allow newbies to understand how to begin the Old School RuneScape journey.

Start With Your Character. Now What?

After you have completed Tutorial Island, you might feel lost. Lumbridge is your next stop. What should you do? Who do you talk to? A lot is going on, and many ways to play RuneScape. I suggest that you begin with the beginner quests. Questing is a great way to familiarize you with RuneScape’s world, NPCs and the open world.

Lumbridge is where you can start with Cook’s Assistant and The Restless Ghost. You can get Imp Catcher from the wizard at the wizard’s tower while you complete the Restless Ghost. Dragon Slayer is the goal quest for new players – if it’s achieved, you will have some stats worth bragging about.

You can still opt for the Adventure Path if you are new to the Gielinor Guide. This path will provide you with tasks for beginners to help you get back on track if you feel lost. The path has two branches: a Combat Path and a Gatherer Path. Both will take you through the relevant mechanics. The Combat Path has more tasks than either the Gatherer or Combat Path. If you wish to set goals, this is an option that you can disable.

If you are using the Steam client, the Steam Achievements can also be a good indicator of what you can do. These achievements can indicate how far you have come at the beginning of your run.

Questing has one perk: it is a faster way to access the Grand Exchange. You must play at least 24 hours in-game.

What Is The Grand Exchange?

What is the Grand Exchange? It is a marketplace that allows players from all RuneScape worlds to trade and buy RuneScape gold and other items. You can offer your item at a price if you are a seller. You can choose your price or have them suggested by market rates. You can place a buy order at the same price as you, and they will purchase the item from you at that price.

This is a great way to gain access to items that otherwise would take a lot more time. They can also sell the raw materials they have collected or receive items to make a lot of gold.

Grand Exchange is a complicated marketplace. Some people use it similarly to a stock exchange by “flipping” goods. This means you buy them at lower prices and sell them at higher prices. But that’s just one example.

How Can You Make Money?

You’ll need OSRS gold to purchase items when adventuring or leveling your skills. How can players get gold and other items worth hundreds of thousands of GP?

Skilling is the most common way to make substantial money. This is when they learn specific skills that will help them make more. This is a great way to learn Woodcutting, Mining and (for members) Slayering or Thieving.

Woodcutting is the easiest, to begin with. You cut trees, then save your logs and sell them on Grand Exchange. This skilling method is not as profitable as other ones. If you want quick gold, kill monsters like cows and collect the items they drop.

Sometimes quests can also provide small amounts of gold, but it is slower. It can be fun to seek rewards if you aren’t trying to make a fortune.

OSRS gold can be purchased in various rare forms. Numerous online gold sellers are the most familiar and convenient way to buy OSRS gold.

There are rare objects to identify when buying OSRS gold online. First, ensure that your website is reputable and has positive customer reviews. There are plenty of frauds off there, so it’s crucial to do your analysis before offering anyone your hard-earned cash. While you can buy lower prices from individual sellers, the risk of being ripped off is astronomical. For this cause, we strongly suggest purchasing your OSRS Gold from a reputable site such as

What’s The Deal With Skilling?

RuneScape is known for being very “grind”, meaning you can spend a lot of time performing repetitive tasks to improve your skill levels. This game is the most skillful, in my opinion.

It is extremely difficult to master OSRS skills. Some skills require thousands of hours of practice to reach level 99. It is worth it, as you can achieve incremental milestones and other benefits by putting in the effort.

New players should focus on core combat stats (attack and strength, defense, range and magic) and money-making skills. You don’t have to invest in your skills immediately.

My advice is to spend your first game questing and leveling up your skills, but only to improve your quest skills. Once you have mastered the game and set your goals, you can start to master the skills you choose.

What Else Can You Do?

Old School RuneScape, a sandbox game open-world, gives you the freedom to choose what to do. Some players role-play the game or use it to meet new people. Like guilds in other games, Clans might organize events for their members. Others may go PvP in the Wilderness.

Gielinor is all yours, and you can create a character right away. This OSRS Beginners Guide hopefully helped. It is important to have fun with the game.

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