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Unique and special way of tying your knots

The modern wedding comes in a variety of flavors. Couples who want to create events that reflect their perspectives and values may choose unusual ways to say “I do.” From skydiving to naturist ceremonies, getting married may look very different for adventurous, open-minded future spouses. Perhaps you’re fascinated by weddings or looking for unique ways to exchange your vows. Read on to learn about two meaningful ways to celebrate a couple’s love: adventure weddings and naturist weddings. 

That’s Not Your Average Outdoor Wedding its Adventure Weddings

Want to get married near a majestic glacier, exchange your vows in front of a volcano, or take the plunge with skydiving? All of these are excellent examples of adventurous weddings. Molly Allen, a contributor to Brides, refers to them as “adventure elopements” because they typically involve only the couple and their officiant. Most weddings take place in exotic places, but adventure weddings combine these places with unusual things to do. If someone is doing that level of adventure they surely  want to capture that why they also planned for adventure elopements photographer.

What does an adventure wedding look like? That depends on the couple in question. The Guardian profiled two grooms who married in front of the Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall in April 2021. Skydiving weddings are increasingly popular, particularly in the United States. One company, Go Jump, amps up the experience by providing skydiving weddings in the style of Las Vegas. However, these are merely a few possibilities. There have been adventure weddings held in caves, glaciers, waterfalls, mountains, and even helicopters.

Depending on their vision for the event, the couple may use a nature-themed wedding ceremony script. Some future spouses may feel a special connection to nature in addition to a love for the outdoors. This is not unexpected given that numerous spiritual traditions revere nature. Classic and contemporary literature offer a wealth of options for nature-themed wedding readings.

Choose your Way 

Fans of Star Trek may recall hearing that Betazoid weddings are traditionally conducted naked. However, the naturist wedding is not exclusive to science fiction. Hilary Sheinbaum, a contributor to The New York Times, explains that it is common among couples in nudist communities. The couple may appear without clothing, but guests and officiants are typically not required to follow suit. They often choose nudist resorts, their own homes, or other places where people don’t have to wear clothes for the ceremony.

Surprisingly, couples who are not nudists by lifestyle may choose to have such a party. According to Sheinbaum, they are motivated by other factors. Some may desire to have a unique celebration. For some, tying the knot while naked has spiritual significance. Believe it or not, some couples opt for nudist weddings in order to save money on costly bridal gowns and other formalwear.

As one might expect, planning a nudist wedding requires additional care and attention. Finding a venue is the first step, but you must also hire an officiant and wedding professionals who are accustomed to working at such an event. Some secular clergy may be amenable. Sheinbaum profiled a minister ordained by the Universal Life Church who has officiated naturist weddings in her New York Times article. It is also essential to consider local ordinances and regulations. You don’t want to break any laws about food service or get in trouble for being too exposed. 

Planned carefully 

Adventure weddings are unique ways for couples to proclaim their love in public. Both involve unconventional knot-tying techniques. Consequently, they necessitate special planning considerations. Choosing a suitable location is essential to the success of your event. You should also consider logistics. Whether you want a photographer willing to trek to a volcano or an officiant who doesn’t mind performing the ceremony without clothing, you should present your wedding vision honestly and ensure that your professionals are on board. You will be rewarded with a wedding that truly reflects your ethos and values if you have the courage to stray from the norm.

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