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Unveiling the Signature Scents of the Stars: A 2023 Fragrance Guide

The fragrances we choose to wear often act as a reflection of our personality and style. This statement holds even more significance when considering the fragrant choices of celebrities, who have access to an array of exclusive and luxurious brands. From custom blends to off-the-shelf classics, the perfumes adored by the stars offer a fascinating glimpse into their personal tastes.

In this exploration, we dive into the olfactory preferences of renowned personalities, uncovering the essence that accompanies them in their daily lives and on the red carpet.

Celebrity Fragrance Favorites: A Whiff of Stardom

  • Beyoncé’s Luxurious Choice: During her time in London, Beyoncé was spotted indulging in Angels’ Share by Kilian. This exquisite scent, inspired by the world of cognac, blends vanilla, cinnamon, and sandalwood, creating an intoxicating aura befitting the Queen Bey herself.
  • Sofia Richie Grainge’s Layered Fragrance: Known for her impeccable style, Sofia Richie Grainge combines Jo Malone London’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey with English Pear & Freesia, crafting a unique, summery fragrance that complements her vibrant persona.
  • Hailey Bieber’s Floral Elegance: The model and skincare entrepreneur adores Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique, a sophisticated blend of jasmine and peonies. This elegant bouquet has been her staple scent for years, signifying her refined taste.
  • Elizabeth Olsen’s Understated Sophistication: The actress prefers subtler fragrances like Diptyque’s Philosykos. Its creamy fig scent is a gentle whisper rather than a bold statement, aligning with Olsen’s preference for less intrusive perfumes.
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Varied Collection: The model and entrepreneur cherishes Byredo’s Gypsy Water, hailing it as her “all-time ultimate fragrance.” Additionally, she finds solace in Jo Malone’s Lime Basil and Mandarin, a scent that offers her comfort.
  • Adele’s Long-Time Favorite: Staying true to her authentic self, Adele has been a fan of Dior’s Hypnotic Poison since her early teens. This fragrance leaves a trail of soft amber and vanilla, reflecting the singer’s enduring charm.
  • Cynthia Erivo’s Serendipitous Find: The talented actress stumbled upon Jo Malone London’s Myrrh & Tonka in an airport, and it has since become her go-to fragrance, with its warm blend of vanilla, tonka bean, and myrrh.
  • Angelina Jolie’s Unique Selection: Jolie’s preference for Histoires de Parfums’ 1969 highlights her distinct taste. This unisex fragrance starts with peach notes and evolves into a rich blend of cardamom, clove, chocolate, and coffee.
  • Jodie Comer’s Elevator Inspiration: The actress was captivated by Le Labo Santal 33’s aroma on a fellow actress in an elevator, leading her to adopt this as her signature scent.
  • Dina Asher-Smith’s Pre-Race Ritual: Before hitting the track, the gold medalist sprinter Dina Asher-Smith spritzes on Moonlight Patchouli by Van Cleef and Arpels, a scent that embodies luxury and determination.
  • Emma Stone’s Bedtime Ritual: The actress sprays Chanel’s Les Exclusifs de Chanel Gardénia before bed, finding solace in its delicate blend of white florals and green notes.
  • Naomi Campbell’s Floral Love: The iconic supermodel is partial to Dior Diorissimo, with its lingering floral notes of lily of the valley, a testament to her love for enduring florals.
  • Princess Diana’s Royal Choices: The late princess had a rotation of beloved scents, including Hermès 24 Faubourg and Penhaligon’s Bluebell, each reflecting different facets of her timeless elegance.
  • Victoria Beckham’s Chic Pick: The fashion icon favors Room Service by Vilhelm Parfumerie, a blend of mandarin, blackberry, and musk, reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden era glamour.
  • Ashley Graham’s Chloé Affection: The model and former Bazaar cover star cherishes her Chloé perfume, a dreamy, feminine fragrance that has become her signature.
  • Gemma Arterton’s Fresh Favorite: The actress adores Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza for its fresh, citrusy notes that remind her of clean laundry, a scent she receives every Christmas.
  • Alexa Chung’s Ambery Green Choice: Initially a fan of Santal 33, Chung has now shifted to Regime des Fleur’s Rock River Melody, an ambery green scent that she describes as smelling opulent and reminiscent of a smokey bar.
  • Rihanna’s Sweet Surprise: Rihanna’s fragrance choice, Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian, was a much-debated topic until revealed. This sweet, gourmand blend of neroli and marshmallow perfectly suits her enigmatic presence.
  • Kate Bosworth’s Byredo Loyalty: The actress swears by Gypsy Water from Byredo, praising its complex and sexy layers, and considers it her signature scent.
  • Meghan Markle’s Dual Choices: The Duchess of Sussex enjoys Jo Malone London’s Wild Bluebell for daily wear and opts for Bvlgari Blv II for evening events, showcasing her versatile fragrance preferences.
  • Susan Sarandon’s Masculine Leanings: The actress prefers more masculine scents like Santa Maria Novella’s Eva, with its sandalwood notes. She often chooses new perfumes for new roles, adding a personal touch to her characters.
  • Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day Scent: On her wedding day, Middleton wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, a fragrance that reflects her poise and grace, becoming an instant sensation post-nuptials.

These fragrance choices of celebrities offer a window into their personal preferences, revealing that even in the world of glamour, simplicity, authenticity, and timeless elegance reign supreme.

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