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Urbandoll Scam More Information about Urbandoll Scam

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The worst thing anyone can do is to break trust in someone. Being cheated or scammed can have devastating emotional and financial consequences.

But these are not enough to stop scammers from concocting scams on innocent people. According to reports, the United States faced numerous scam cases, especially when it comes to social media influence. We are now exposing Urbandoll Scam.

A Few Words on Urbandoll

Details about the person at the center of the scam are not available. The Urbandoll, a Twitter user who goes by the name Bronzeandboujie in some social media profiles, is the identity of one of the scammers.

For many reasons she is controversial in the United State. She also has a huge social media following. The platform has suspended her accounts multiple times, making her a controversial figure. According to reports, she was also accused in the scandal of using images of other users as hers and catfishing.

More Information about Urbandoll Scam

There are many accusations and discussions about the account and the account owner. Many pages online are dedicated to uncovering the true deal and scams this user conducts. It is unknown who the real face behind this account really is. Others claim that the user initially stated Isabelle Martinez as her name. This scam is about giveaways.

According to sources, she would promise her followers exciting giveaways but then fail to deliver them when it comes. As many people reported being scammed by this Urbandoll Scam, it has become a regular occurrence.

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The scammer was not new to the scene. But, she was previously associated to the greatest forever scam where those who purchased products from the company never received either their money or their products back.

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The End of the Mess

It is evident from the data that this user has been collecting on her that she was operating a scam of giveaways, bundles, and other items for some time. Some of those who purchased from Urbandoll Scam were able to get refunds while others were left with no answers.

According to the news, she was sentenced to prison for continuing her catfishing and frauds in exchange for PR bundles and giveaways. Recent reports indicate that she has been released from prison and is now back on the social media platform. Her Instagram post states that she had also undergone gastric bypass surgery.

Conclusion Remarks

It is evident that Urbandoll Scam has been one of the largest scammers online, based on all the information about the user. We don’t know if her actions were intentional or accidental. One thing is certain: She has caused distress for many.

What are your thoughts on the Urbandoll return to the social media platform? Comment below to share your thoughts and feelings.

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