Utility Token Swu Coin {Jan 2023} How to Buy Smart World Union Token?

Utility Token Swu Coin report contains prices, supply, as well as other important information of the cryptocurrency coin that is attempting to expand its presence in the energy industry.

Are you an investor in cryptocurrency looking for a cryptocurrency that could be used to pay for energy? The future of cryptocurrency depends on its ability to expand the utility of its features and stay useful in a competitive market.

Swu crypto has caught the interest of traders and investors around the world since it has plans to operate in the energy industry by the ability of the users of Swu cryptocurrency to cover for their electricity bills using Swu coin. The marketplace for energy services has been given its own platform as well as currency in the shape of SWU Coin. utility Token Swu Coin.

Smart World Union Crypto:

The Swu token was introduced by Chez Switch, a Chez Switch platform for purchases, payments and transparent transmission in the energy sector. The token was designed to meet the challenges of the future of the energy industry.

It’s goal is to offer an open and transparent system across the energy chain including power generation transmission, consumption, and distribution. Swu is a way to cover electricity bills in the energy sector and then used to hold assets to earn capital gains.

Utility Token Swu Coin Price market cap, supply and price:

The developer of the token was planning to distribute 50 percent of Swu to the public during the ICO I stages and then keep 20% to reserve to fund network development. The remaining 30% of the coin is to be used for marketing or project collaborators. The current price as well as other important information about Swu coins are provided below.

  • Price – $0.0308
  • Change in price in the past 24 hours – It’s dropped by .02 percent
  • Trading volume in last 24 hours – $5820 (+625%)
  • Market cap – No data
  • Market rank 5180
  • Supply total : 100 000,000
  • Maximum supply not available
  • Circulating supply- Not available
  • Diluted Market cap – $9,210,957

Utility Token Swu Coin promoter and team:

Chez Switch provides the solution to reduce energy consumption and is comprised of professionals from the energy sector.

  • Chairman cum Executive Director – Garbay Guillaume
  • Project Manager – Fadil Tarik
  • Blockchain Manager – Samy Vegas
  • Blockchain solutions – Marie Pascal
  • Web Development Manager – Mangin Eric

How to Buy Smart World Union Token?

The traders and crypto investors who are looking to purchase Swu tokens should follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Binance Wallet and purchase a base BNB token with fiat currency.
  2. Transfer your BNB cryptocurrency to your cryptocurrency wallet.
  3. Transfer to Pancake exchange for the purchase of utility tokens Swu Coin.
  4. Connect your wallet to the exchange.
  5. Make a trade for your desired amount of Swu coin using the amount of BNB coin.
  6. Click on the switch button.

Social Media Reactions to Swu Crypto:

The Swu coin is well-known and has a strong social media presence. It has accounts on YouTube and telegram as well as Facebook as well as Twitter. The name of the person who follows it appears on Facebook is hidden. Facebook account is hidden however, some questions about the currency can be answered via Reddit and Facebook platforms.

Social Media Links:

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Website

The final verdict

Cryptocurrency currencies can be unstable and traders need to research the currency prior to investing cash.

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