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Have you lost someone important to you due to an explosion or attack? Have you ever experienced the grief that comes with losing someone? It’s hard to swallow down your sorrow when you send your child to school but then realize that they’ll never be back to school as they have passed away.

You’re familiar of Elementary Schools of Texas If you reside somewhere in United States, Canada, United Kingdom. Life isn’t fair for anyone, and death is never welcome. Death may strike us by chance or through an incident, like in the incident at that Texas school. Let’s explore Uvalde Wikito to learn more about the incident.

Information about Uvalde Attack. Uvalde Attack.

It was the morning of 24th May 2022. The person identified as Salvador was suspected of starting a an attack on the grounds of Texas Elementary School in Uvalde. The fire killed 21 people and we realized this after an in-depth investigation.

The 18-year-old accused of shooting at Uvalde also killed his mother the very day before. Of the 21 victims two were adults, while 19 of them were kids. He was later killed by the police.

Uvalde Wiki- Specifications

  • Name: Elementary School of Uvalde.
  • The location of AttackThe location of the attack Texas, Old Carrizo Road 715.
  • Date of Incident: 24th May 2022.
  • Nature of Attack: Fire beginning at School.
  • Weapons usedHandguns – A type of Rifle.
  • Total death caused by 19 children and 2 grown-ups It was likely that the teachers.
  • Attacker- Salvador Rolando.
  • An Attack’s Goal- Not Detected Yet.
  • It was later discovered that this brutal shooting was the most fatal attack on the school following the school shooting in 2012 within the US.

What is the information concerning what happened at the Uvalde Shooting?

The shooting incident is related to the 18 year old boy who killed his mother on the same day that he started to open an elementary school fire. After being involved in a major collision with an SUV the boy walked into a school that is located in Texas.

According to the police in the area, the suspect was wearing a black suit and was carrying a gun. In essence, it is the AR-15 Rifle. As Salvador began to fire the police officer in the area engaged him in a shoot-out and killed him immediately.

What is the reason it’s trending?

Uvalde Texas Wikishows us that School Shootings are always the most horrific attacks that have been analyzed in the history of mankind. Parents don’t send their kids into school only to have them killed. Therefore, when reports of the shooting circulated around the city and people began to go on the internet to discover what was actually happening. This is the reason why the subject a hot topic.

Updates Regarding Investigation

Following the incident, an investigation team from the Federal Bureau of Firearms and Explosives were summoned to the scene. They arrived with an officer from the local area to conduct an investigation.


Uvalde Wiki is a tense and sensitive subject because it contains the tragic story of innocent victims killed in horrific primary school massacres. We would like to express our condolences for the families that have lost children.

Comment below in the event that you have ever experienced losses of someone who was dear to you. Also, get the entire information about this incident Uvalde tragedyhere.

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