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Valorant is one of the first-person shooter games. The world-wideplayers of Valorant have not found any enhancements in it’s beta-version. As with other games that are popular Valorant also comes with a risk to errors and bugs. Did you have any idea that Error 59 was displayed with a prompt to restart Valorant? Valorant client, though this might not be able to resolve the problem? Valorant error code number 59 shows on when Valorant is booted up. We will look into the solution to resolve Valorant Error Code 59.

What exactly is error Code 59?

Error Code 59 takes place when Valorant is experiencing difficulties connecting to Valorant’s official Valorant server. Regrettably, Riot didn’t include error code 59 on their help page. Additionally, Riot did not clarify the exact cause of the error.

Fixing Error 59

  • Start the Run program using Search bar, by hitting the Explorer button.
  • Enter Services.msg inside the window for Run.
  • The service windows will be opened. Search for – VCG in the window for service.
  • Click on the VCG and then click on Properties
  • On the tab General of Properties, you’ll discover a dropbox to store the Startup Type.
  • Choose Automatic from the Startup Type dropbox to resolve Valorant Error 59.
  • Hit the Apply button, and then click on the OK button.
  • Restart your computer

In the majority of instances, these steps should resolve the problem. If you continue to encounter the issue then you must reinstall Riot Vanguard. Riot Vanguard.

Reinstallation steps:

  • Remove this version of Riot Vanguard by launching it via your tray icons.
  • Restart your computer and
  • Start the Valorant client
  • The program will be able to automatically install Riot Vanguard. Riot Vanguard.
  • Reboot your system once more and
  • Restart your game

If the problem persists then follow the steps below as the error 59 could not be caused by any issue on your part.

Find out if other users have the same issue. Valorant Error 59.

It is possible to determine if any other players are experiencing the same problem in the same way like you. For instance, you could go to the community discussions (or) talk to your buddies who use Valorant. If you are seeing other players experiencing the same issue the issue could be an issue at the Valorant creator’s part. If this is the scenario, you should be patient until the issue is addressed by the team working on development.

Verify any issues with your ISP:

It is possible that your Internet Service Provider might be experiencing issues that could cause Error 59 to appear in the VALORANT. If this is the scenario, to get rid of the issue of Valorant Error Number 59 Contact your ISP by phone or chat (or) by email to submit the issue. But, in any scenario, you should be patient until the issue has been resolved through the ISP.


Riot has suggested only to restart Valorant (or) or your computer to get rid of the Error. If, however, there are any issues with or on the Valorant client, in these instances you must stop all Riot-related programs in the task manager and reboot the Valorant client using administrator’s privilege.

Are you interested in knowing how to fix Error 59? Let us know the steps you’ve taken to fix the error by leaving a comment below.

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