Valverde Punching Baena Video – All the Details You Need to Know!

This post about Valverde Punching Baena Video contains facts about a football player that attacked another player, showing disrespect and indifference.

Did Valverde punch Alex? Why did he hit Baena? Did the video clip appear on the net? Real Madrid’s Valverde, a midfielder for Real Madrid, and Villarreal’s Alex Baena were fighting while the teams played.

The United Kingdom,the United States and many other areas around the world have been in a frenzy to find out what happened between these two athletes.

This has led to a significant increase in queries for the Valverde Punching Baena over the past few days.

Is the viral video of Valverde punching Alex Baena in the face?

Recent events saw the dispute between Villarreal and Real Madrid players. According to reports, the incident occurred while tourists were traveling on a bus towards Santiago Bernabeu. Valverde allegedly hit Alex in the face as they were leaving Santiago Bernabeu.

Villarreal claims that he can be seen striking in the footage. It has been a popular topic on social media, with many people asking questions about it, such as Reddit and Twitter.

Why did Valverde hit Alex?

Valverde claims that Alex Baena, from Villarreal, humiliated his family members. He remarked on this incident. Valverde believes that Alex Baena from Villarreal urged him to weep, as his child wouldn’t be born during the Copa Del Rey Finals, when Real Madrid’s players had travelled to Villareal to play the game.

Because Alex’s comments about Valverde and his family lingered in Valverde’s mind, he couldn’t ignore them. Valverde’s actions were widely viral on Reddit.

When was Alex’s event?

After Alex Beaena’s Villarreal said the same thing, the Real Madrid midfielder retaliated. Recently, the spouse of Real Madrid’s midfielder revealed that the conception almost led to miscarriage but everything worked out well.

What did people think about Valverde?

La Liga’s terrible day ruined the football game. Many demanded Valverde’s punishment after watching the footage. The incident at the stadium’s parking lot was captured and shared via social media platforms and other platforms.

After Valverde approached Alex and punched him, Alex’s cheekbone was swollen.

Views on Tiktok and Instagram, Twitter, , Reddit, Reddit, and

Many people looked at the footage in an attempt to figure out what caused the conflict. Many believe that Valverde was motivated by Alex’s disrespect for Valverde and his family. Others believe violence during football matches should not be tolerated.

The tragic event shaken the football world, which included Spain, according to many users who posted on social media networks, and also searched on Telegram.

Quick Wiki for Valverde:

  • Real name- Federico Santiago Valverde Dipetta
  • Date of Birth – July 22, 1998
  • Birthplace- Uruguay, Montevideo
  • Age – 24
  • Uruguayan professional footballer
  • Nationality- Uruguayan, Spanish
  • Spouse- Mina Bonino
  • Child-Benicio Valverde
  • Height – 1.82m


Alex was attacked by Valverde, a player. His actions shocked the football world. Real Madrid and Villarreal condemned the attacks, and authorities are investigating. The incident has brought to light football violence. Youtube has many clips that show Valverde’s actions.

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