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The shocking news from Vaughan (Toronto) on Sunday was shocking. The shocking news from Vaughan, Toronto on Sunday stunned everyone in the world, including Canada as well as the United States. Everyone’s minds are blown away by the news of open gun fire. People are still traumatized by the incident.

Many people are curious about the circumstances surrounding this incident. What is the story behind the shooting? Who was the mastermind? If you’re curious, here are the details about Vaughan Shooting Reddit.

What was the Vaughan Shooting like?

Sources say that a 73-year-old man shot five people to death in a condo tower in Vaughan (Toronto) on Sunday night. According to York Regional Police (YRP), these men shot and killed five people at the condo tower in Vaughan, Toronto on Sunday night.

The police killed the man in separate areas of the building after being informed. However, he had already taken five lives. You can find more information at the social media links.

How many victims were shot and killed?

Five people were shot dead in open fire by the individual, while the injured were transported to the hospital. The police assured that the injured taken to the hospital would survive and be fine within a few days.

Police Actions on the Incident

Soon after learning about the incident, the police reached out to the YRP duty inspection Const. Laura Nicolle, who was the head of this operation, informed the shooters and they were killed on the spot.

Nicolle stated that the investigation was still ongoing and Langstaffis still looking for victims in the building. SIU informed the public that six investigators were assigned to the investigation, two of which were from the forensics division.

The incident was not reported to the Vaughan Mayor Steven Del Duca. He posted an online condolence statement for the entire city.

Is the resident located outside of the building?

The incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Residents were evacuated by the police.

The operation was completed and residents were moved to their homes by police on Monday morning. For investment purposes, however, the building is still under surveillance by police units.

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A 73-year old man killed five people in an attack on a condo building in Vaughan in Toronto. The police killed the man shortly after reaching out to rescue the victims.

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