Veger Introduced a Magsafe Wireless Power Bank that can charge all your Apple Devices

Veger is proud to introduce a new Magsafe Wireless Power Bank designed from the ground up to work with any Apple device. The company understands how difficult it is to deal with proprietary tech like Apple’s and why it’s hard to take all the chargers for 2-3 or more devices with you. That’s why Veger has created a dedicated Magsafe Wireless Power Bank you can take with you anywhere you want.

Why did Veger design the Magsafe Wireless Power Bank?

The main focus is to have a single device that can help charge your iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch and other Apple devices. It comes with a 20W PD lightning in and also Type C in/out port, as well as QC 3.0 USB output. It gives you a great set of benefits and opportunities, while also bringing in a simpler and more efficient way to use your device the way you always wanted.

Another great aspect is that it’s a device compatible with most of the Apple products from within the past 4-5 years, which is amazing. In addition, it can be used with smartphones, smartwatches and other products that have an USB A or Type C output. That goes to show its high efficiency and product quality. In the end, you’re getting an amazing value for money and you will appreciate the experience.

What makes the Veger Magsafe Wireless Power Bank stand out?

Aside from being compatible with a massive variety of devices, it also has built-in intelligent safeguards. What this means is that it has overcharging, overheating and short circuit protection. You will find it much easier to use, while eliminating any possible worries that might arise. On top of that, the product has a very high speed charge and recharge, ranging from 5W for AirPods to 15W for your phone.

Veger’s move is here to help everyone find a better, portable way of charging their Apple devices. The magnetic module for the watch charger which you can adjust, the fact that you have a power bank which works with Android devices are all amazing and helpful things. Which is why you want to give it a try for yourself since this is the ultimate charging product you can take with you while traveling, hiking or any outdoor experience. Veger aims to help all Apple users and also Android users charge their devices in a portable manner, without any hassle.

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