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Are you interested in photography services for real estate transactions? Don’t worry. VelocityREOs is available to help with your photography needs in various areas.

No matter if you’re a private investor or a Real Estate Businessman, Insurance Professional or in any other field,United StatesVelocityREOs is the fastest and most efficient photography service. We can provide high-quality images the same day. Let’s find out more about Velocity REOs.Velocity Review.

About Velocity ReOs

Velocity REOs, a photography-based firm, offers photography services in a variety of fields, including Real Estate, Property maintenance and boating or insurance-related fields.

Velocity REOs claims to be processing thousands of high quality images in one day. Their goal is to be the best photographer agent available in the area their customer requests and produce the best quality images in a short time at an affordable price.

They have services in 42 US states and more than 8500 agents. We searched Velocity Reviews to see that they can deliver images in 6 hours after receiving your order.

Basic Details of Velocity Reos

  • It is a company that offers advertisements verification and field evaluation-based photography.
  • Register at
  • Contact information: 941-723-3200
  • Company Address – DBA BPO Photo Sets Dot Com DBA Velocity Field Services PO Box 1110425 Lakewood Ranch FL 34221
  • Date Company Listed – 2010/06/18
  • Company Strength – 8500+ employees
  • Specialties in field photography and real estate.
  • DifferentVelocity ReviewThese are available on review sites.

Services Available

  • Photography for real estatePrice starting at $8.75
  • Real estate videographyPrice is $65.00/3,000 square feet
  • Vehicle InspectionsPrice: $50.00
  • Evaluation of Construction LoansPrices starting at $30.00

Service Order Placement and Processing

  • Select one of these companies to receive your services
  • Please fill in your address. You can also personalize your order using the options available there.
  • Select the photos size, preference time, and date stamp option. After verification, submit the order.
  • The company verifies the address and then looks for the best agent to dispatch the order. Users can see the status on their home page.
  • Once the order has been placed, photos will be shared by email.

Velocity Review

Below are the reviews of Velocity ReOs on various review platforms.

  • Indeed – 3.0/5 (32 Reviews).
  • Glassdoor – 1/5 (552 reviews)
  • BBC – 2.25/5 (4 ratings)

Their flexibility and their choice of location are well-received. Their work allows them to manage their personal and professional lives. However, there are some negative reviews. These include not getting paid enough according to their work, being unprofessional, and being fired without justification.

You can also find its Facebook page and LinkedIn page, but there are no reviews.

Final Verdict

This summary will tell you that VelocityREOs, a photography service provider company, deals in many areas such as insurance, real-estate and other. Numerous positive and negativeVelocity Review Most of the comments collected on reviewing platforms are negative. No comments were made on social media. This proves it isn’t a reliable company.

Let us know your thoughts. Leave your comments in the section below.

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