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VidaCap Review What More Do You Need to Know?

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Mushroom supplements have taken the wellness world by storm, as more people understand their nutritional value. While this is a new trend, it’s not common to find a wide range of premium mushrooms brands. This is good news to customers as it makes it easier for them to differentiate between companies that are superior and those that are not.

The best mushroom brand on the market is VidaCap. They’re an American-based producer of medicinal mushroom supplements. They are rapidly rising in popularity as a brand that offers some of the most potent and authentic products.

VidaCap’s mushrooms have been introduced in organic mushroom capsules, as functional mushrooms can be unpleasant to the palate and texture.

We review Vidcap to find out who they are and what they offer customers.

VidaCap: Information about the Company

VidaCap was established by Jeff Yauck, a veteran in the health and wellbeing industry. VidaCap is committed producing high quality mushroom supplements. Jeff is also the founder of premium CBD brands PureKana & Premium Jane and hopes to maintain that reputation for his mushroom products.

VidaCap currently has five pure mushrooms species as well as a blend that is suitable for sleeping. Pure Mushrooms includes Reishi and Turkey Tail as well as Chaga organic mushroom capsules. The Mushroom Mix is a blend of melatonin, passion flower, and reishi.

The company’s mushroom extracts are grown under ideal conditions. A team of experts oversees the manufacturing process. All species of mushroom are grown in China. This is the most popular place for mushroom cultivation. Chaga mushrooms, which are imported from Russia, are the exception to this rule.

VidaCap claims to design all its products with customers in mind and live by the motto, “Only the very best is acceptable.” The company uses ethical, progressive processes and techniques in manufacturing its products.

VidaCap Review – What Makes this Brand Superior?

VidaCap has a mission: to bring the best and most affordable organic mushroom capsules for daily use to the market.

As previously mentioned, mushrooms are grown in China or Russia and are grown in a closed greenhouse system. This mimics natural mushroom growth conditions and gives mushrooms the chance to reach their full potential. They have the same nutrients and properties of wild-grown species.

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VidaCap understands the importance behind mushroom cultivation and harvesting. It will be difficult to find another company like VidaCap. After harvesting, the mushrooms go outside to dry and are then ground into fine powder. These powders can be infused into vegetarian-friendly capsules. VidaCap is all natural and uses minimal additives.

VidaCap’s unique feature is the fact that VidaCap uses the fruiting body of the mushroom for its capsules. While VidaCap is not the only brand that uses mushroom mycelium (the underground part), it is thought to produce a less nutritious mushroom supplement. Although mycelium is cheaper and simpler than the traditional method, it still contains very little nutritional value and consists mainly of grains.

Mycologists disagree. They believe that fruiting bodies are much more beneficial since they are 100% mushroom-based (it grows above ground). This means that the supplement is more potent and rich in phytonutrients, betaglucans, as well other beneficial compounds.

VidaCap uses its mushroom capsules from the fruiting bodies except for its cordyceps. This concept uses mycelium because this is the only species of mushroom in which it is believed that this part has more value.

VidaCap finally chooses to package the mushrooms in hassle-free mushroom capsules. These capsules can be easily integrated into any lifestyle and do not have the same unpleasant taste as other brands. The easy-to take organic mushroom capsules offer all the goodness of mushrooms.

VidaCap sells which mushroom supplements?

VidaCap only offers capsules as they are the most convenient and easiest way to use mushrooms on a daily basis. Here are some things you can expect to find when you shop with VidaCap.

Pure Mushrooms

As we’ve already said, there are five options for pure mushroom supplements. Below is a summary of each and their respective effects.

  • Lion’s mane: Focus. Clarity. Mood.
  • Turkey Tail: Defend, enhance, protect
  • Reishi: Balance, immunity, vitality
  • Cordyceps: Energy, endurance, performance
  • Chaga Relax, Balance, and Restore

Each variety comes with 60 capsules. Each capsule is infused with 750mg each of the mushroom extracts and other ingredients. These capsules can be made vegan-friendly using pullulan. They are non-GMO and contain no gluten, so they can be used as a healthy snack, or as a substitute for sugar.

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The downside is that you can’t choose the level of potency. All capsules contain 750mg each of extract. This is an average dosage, so if you need something stronger, you can simply take more capsules.

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Mushroom-based blends

VidaCap has only one mushroom mix at the moment. This blend is specifically made to improve sleep. Each capsule contains 500mg reishi, passion flower extract, and melatonin to help support healthy sleeping cycles.

The extract is a 10-to-1 formula and contains as much as 35% polysaccharides. This is a good carbohydrate. This is a unique combination, and we have yet to see another brand that combines reishi with passionflower and melatonin.

This is a 30-count package. They are also gluten-free, and non-GMO like Pure Blends.

VidaCap: What More Do You Need to Know?

VidaCap adheres to the highest standards when it comes to supplements. Each batch is submitted to a third-party lab for thorough laboratory testing.

BL BIO Lab, based out of Florida, is responsible for these tests. It ensures that supplements are free from harmful bacteria, heavy metallics, and any other type of contaminant. VidaCap makes it easy for customers to see the results of lab tests.

VidaCap is a relatively new brand, but it has built a strong reputation among customers. Although their website is full of positive reviews, they also link to Reviews.io for a review site that gives an overall rating at 4.95 stars.

The platform currently has 76 reviews. This is a significant number considering that the brand launched only this year. High ratings have been attributed to the quality of supplements, their effectiveness, great customer service and quick delivery.

VidaCap Review – Final Thoughts

VidaCap stands out from the rest when it comes premium quality, hassle-free mushroom supplementation. VidaCap has established itself as the leading mushroom brand in the world with its organic mushroom capsules.

For a complete overview of their offerings, be sure to visit the official site.

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