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Video Game Enthusiasts Career Options

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Video games date back to days of Pong and Dunk Hunt where it was just mere games for children and teenagers. Presently, the video game industry has evolved and grown to a multi-dollar entity that earns children, teenagers, and adults. Nowadays, the tradition of video games only being for children does not exist anymore as the same adults who are gaming fanatics tend to be among the most successful people in the world. Also, children who grew up as enthusiasts in gaming amid nagging parents who saw no future in their enthusiasm with the games have pursued a career within the video games industry. If you are talented, passionate, and are driven to video games uncontrollably, there are careers that you can follow and find yourself happy. The options available are quite a number from which you can choose. So let’s buy assignments online and go ahead master the career of your dreams.

Audio Programmer

This is an audio engineer concerned with recording the music in games, voice-overs, and sound effects. It is not an easy career path as back in the days where it was much more straightforward. It involves having to create an excellent ambiance all over the gaming experience. However, with determination and just the proper skill set, you can earn over a hundred thousand dollars annually.


Over the years, the writing of video games has continued to become a very complex task. Video games script can be as long as 1,000 pages with perfect lines that are not off-the-cuff remarks. Writers are responsible for creating a dynamic character with different reactions in different situations while sticking to their personality. As a writer, you have to take care of all documentation that is part of the game. Emerging the best can earn you $200,000 in the instance that the game is successful.

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Video Game Artist

It is an essential person in any video game. As a video game artist, you are responsible for bringing to life the ideas of the designer. It involves creating environments and vivid characters from scratch. In addition, you ought to drown the audience/game player into the imaginary world created in the game. With proper skills, you can earn as much as $50,000 annually.

Game Programmer

It requires a passion for coding as well as video games for you to be the best. With the video game artists’ characters and animation, you must ensure the characters can be controlled and are playable. You are to create artificial intelligence capable of making non-playable characters real to have the designer’s idea viewable on a computer screen. Salary can go up to $95,000 annually.

Game Producer

As a game producer, you have the duty of handling office-related tasks such as project management. In addition, you will need to promote the game to the highest possible level in the gaming industry. Based on your experience, skills, and abilities, it is possible to make an average of between $50,000 or over $100,000.

Game Designer

To be a good game designer, you just need to have great ideas about a video game. All you will be required to do is to create a team that can handle specialty work after you describe the characters, environment, and the game’s purpose. You will then guide the team. The increasing complexity of game designing in the present era will require you to seek a college education. Once you are done with college and start working, the hefty paycheck will reimburse the college fees you got to spend.

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Game Tester

It sounds fun, but it is not the fun you think about playing a game all day. As a game tester, you play games to identify areas with glitches in the system. The idea is to inch your pathways through the game’s environment while note-taking to ensure it is perfect. It does not pay much though, if you are an enthusiastic gamer, it will provide job satisfaction.

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Professional Gamer

It may come as a surprise, but you can earn money by just playing games. You can sharpen your skills and abilities in video games to a professional level and make more money than you will need. In addition, there are competitions for gamers through sponsored tournament winnings from which you can win thousands of dollars based on your skills in video gaming.

The video game industry is among the most profitable industries that you can be a part of. You can harness and develop your skills and talents, and they can turn out to be a source of revenue that you did not foresee. Having children spend time video gaming is not entirely a waste of time instead of spending on reading. Video games have given rise to some of the millionaires we have around the globe, and you too can be part of the group that you get to earn from just doing what you love most.

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