Video Rezky Aditya Twitter {Dec 2022} Final summary

Many media personalities strive to be in the news for their latest stories, but these days, their presence is also seen as a way to gain popularity. Five private videos of Rezky Aditya leaked online. Rezky Aditya is a well-known actor and model from Indonesia. He is also very popular in the United States. You would like to see Rezky’s video timeline and content. Let’s then analyze video Rezky Aditya tweet.

Rezky video leaked on Twitter:

Recent Rezky video clips were shared on social media including Telegram, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit. Some Twitter users who imported the video advised their followers to join their DM in order to view the videos.

Telegram is a private messaging application and must be joined using an invite link. It is not known if Rezky’s YouTubeleaked clip or if it circulated on Telegram.

These five videos were 00.04:03, 02:09:09, 00.07:44 and 00.05:06 minutes respectively. The face of Rezky was shown in the first four videos lying on a mattress. The most talked about video is the fifth, which ran 00:00:06 second. The fifth video featured the body, which is going Viral onTiktok.

The fifth video is questionable as Rezky’s face was not shown in it. The video is very short and shows Rezky’s body part from an angle that is close to his face. Instagram videos could not capture offensive content.

How did Rezky’s video become so popular?

The virality of the video is due to two factors. First, Hard Gumay predicted that the celebrity’s first name will begin with ‘R’. This was revealed in an offensive scandal. Many believe that Hard Gumay’s prediction was correct.

The Redditviral videos that were leaked to social media by Rezky are a surprise to his fans. It’s because Rezky was married to Citra KiranaSiregar, in 2019. They have two children.

Social media link

We have removed the link due to the mature content in the video. Below are links to Rezky’s social media accounts.





Leaked Rezky’s video was posted to @racun_update pages of Twitter on 25th-December-2022. The post included five video screenshots, as well as an uncensored photo of one body part. Other social media channels also included links to news and knowledge websites. You cannot access the full video online. Some netizens offer it on request to their followers.

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